"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Friday, September 05, 2014

In the blink of an eye I went from expecting this sweet boy to him being almost 7 months old! Ever since his arrival on 2.11.14, we have been in awe of this precious sweet baby boy of ours! His big sister loves him so much! I hope to get around to posting more pictures of them and even blogging for that matter! Right now I'm soaking in every bit of them and this is life for me right now! Really, nothing else matters!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Well, The Leviners have had a very busy 2013! We've been so busy that I've missed out on a complete year of journaling on my blog! So sad for me because I use this as my virtual memory of daily life happenings that I so tend to easily forget.
I'll try and catch 2013 up to date but for now there are other important things....like we're having a B-A-B-Y and he's due in 5 weeks or in exactly 4 weeks and 5 days. The latter makes Feb. 17th seem so close! This pregnancy has flown by for sure!
I'm looking forward to introducing you to our William Harrison and getting back into blogging with The Leviners!
Much Love!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Miss C had her first day of preschool on August 27th! She loved going to the children's orientation the day before with her daddy and couldn't wait until she had her first full day. I have to admit that I, too, was very excited for my girl. School is my job, where I go everyday and for my girl to be starting her school "career" at 4K @ LBC...well that was just fine by me! Since we attend church at LBC we were all pretty comfortable with her going!
My girl has always been independent from me. She is full of awareness and withidness and so I knew she was going to be just fine. I just wasn't prepared for my big girl to be such a BIG GIRL on her first day of preschool. She walked me to Mrs. Lambrecht's room where my big girl didn't forget to take her name frog out of the pond and place it on her hook nor did she mind walking right past me to take her bookbag to its school home...AKA her cubby hook. As I stood at the door she ran to me with kissy lips and said bye mommy. I was a little teary as I hugged her good-bye not because I was leaving her but because she's a big girl...and ready for things that her momma is not so ready for her to be ready for. And so there you go,...it'll never be the same...school wins.
When I went to pick her up from her classroom at noon, my girl had such a proud smile on that sweet heart shaped face of hers. That moment will be etched in my memory for a very long time if not forever. It was a look of all grown up and yay mommy I'm at preschool now, and just full of all kinds of awesome. It was great.
She said the best part of her day was mommy leaving and not staying (Sam had to stay with her the day before). When I asked her if she met a new friend she said no to which I asked who did you play with at recess..no one..everybody played by theirselves at recess.
The first day of preschool was a win and she's very excited to have a few friends from SS in her class. We love that our girl loves it and we are so thankful for our two friends, Kathy and Cortney, who are so graciously willing to take her and pick her up at noon, even after getting their own kiddos from a different preschool.
I love being a preschool momma! We won't mention that her first All About Me preschool project took longer than any project I did for my masters. We won't mention that it was super cute and included a picture of all the things she likes to do along with all the people she loves. We won't mention that I went above and beyond because I wanted it perfect and the manila folder had to have all sides covered in colorful girly scrapbook paper. We won't mention that I hope I get it back at the end of the year even if its all ratty from being looked at and filmed over in the book center where all the kids can see hers and theirs.
I love her. She's 4. She's going to preschool. She's going to be a big sister. She's growing up. I don't want to miss any of it!
First day of 4k!


Thursday, September 05, 2013

A lot of goings on has happened since the last time I blogged an update. Of these, we are excited to announce that Miss Caroline is going to be a big sister in February 2014! We were super excited to find our growing family news last June. June 13th to be exact. 13, some would say is not their lucky number. I don't believe in lucky numbers myself but it was July 13th '09 when we found out we were expecting Miss C!
I'm 16 weeks 3 days today but yesterday was a big day for our big girl. I took her with me to my 16th week appt and she was able to hear Baby L's heartbeat. A strong 140. Dr. S just so happened to be the Dr in the baby suite yesterday and he was the lucky one that delivered C. He was great with Caroline and even talked to her about the day she was born (I'm sure he didn't remember and she surely did not) but nonetheless it sounded pretty convincing to her (and me). To keep her entertained, he blew up a latex glove and drew Nemo's face on it but named it Sharkey. Sharkey was quite popular on the 1.5 hour drive home.
Yesterday was a good day!  Now we are looking forward to Oct. 1st, my 20 week appt and then Oct. 5th...the gender reveal. We.Can.Not.Wait.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

We are pretty excited about seeing our princess dance in her very first dance recital this afternoon! She'll be in two routines and one is to the song, "Imagination" from Willy Wonka! Both routines are fun to watch! I'm quite sure both will be a showstopper and it will leave this momma proud and with happy tears!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Here's another Jen+Holly Photography session! My girl is a trooper! During the last several times we've taken pictures with them its been chilly! This girl was freezing in these pictures but you wouldn't know it! She loves taking pictures with Jen+Holly and asks me frequently, especially on the weekends, "Mommy are we going to see your friends and take pictures?" She's funny, I love them, and the picture sessions are quick and fun!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Over spring break Miss Caroline and I took some way fun and full of all kinds of awesome pictures with Jen+Holly Photography and the very popular teal vintage truck! I loved the truck, the props, and of course the smiles and giggles from my girl, not to mention the Strawberry Crush fun drink she was given for more smiles and red lips! I think these pictures will make great Father's Day gifts for The Leviner Daddy!
Next month's photo shoot theme is around a lemonade stand! Needless to say, I signed us up for those too!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dear Sweet Caroline,
You are now 4! WOW! Four seems like a great big number to this momma! I guess I can no longer call you "the baby"! We spent your birthday at the zoo just like you wished! It was a beautiful day for seeing all of your favorite animals! You even got to spend some time with your twin cousins at the zoo! I believe your favorite part of the day was going to Cupcake downtown Columbia and getting a yummy cupcake! Mommy and daddy secretly love that place too!
Before going to the zoo we took you to your 4 year old well checkup! Since last year you have gained 9 lbs so you weigh 41 lbs and grew 3.5 inches so you are measuring 41 3/4 in! That puts you at 87% for height and 86% for weight! You passed both your hearing and vision tests! We are extremely pleased that you are so healthy! 
Here's some of the things that you are into: Barbies, being a momma to your baby dolls, coloring, drawing, painting, puzzles, singing (in the choir at church too), making up nonsense rhyming words, and watching princess movies like Cinderella, Rapunzel, and The Princess Frog! You do not go anywhere without Frog Lovey, Lamby, and Pinkey Pinkey Doo. You love our cat Stitch but you don't understand why he "pokes" you with his claws. He's sweet but his claws can hurt! I'm allergic to him so I stay away. He is however, the best cat ever. I though want a dog!
You like eating at Chick-fil-A, Mellow Mushroom, Subway, and San Jose..you call it Hands-O! It took me forever to finally figure out what Hands-O was!
You can spell your first and last names, tell what street you live on, what city you live in, and the name of your state. You can count to 20 and you know your ABC's! We are working hard at you naming your letters out of context but so far you can only name a few. You have school for the rest of your life and although I'm a teacher I know you will get it, but for now we don't really do a whole lot of extra school stuff! Speaking of school, you are going to preschool at LBC next year. I'm super excited! I believe your teacher's name is Ms. Jennifer and that's great because mommy grew up with her little sister, Julie! You will already know a lot of friends in your class because you go to Sunday School with them. You will still go to Ms. Leah's, but next year will be your last. That would be a conversation for a different day. We love Ms. Leah to pieces! How sad the day you will no longer be in her care.
Sweet girl, you are absolutely amazing. You are more than I could have ever asked for in a daughter. You make me laugh, smile, and even sometimes cry because of the joy that you have brought into our lives.
God is good! Talk to him everyday. Let him know what's on your heart. Mommy and daddy love Him so much and we ask Him everyday to show us how to raise you and how to be the parents He wants us to be for you! Trust Him! He certainly knows what's best for you princess.
I'm super excited to have spent your birthday with you! It sure was a lot of fun! I'm also looking forward to this Saturday where all of your friends are coming over for your 4th birthday party! It will be momentous for sure! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures!
I love you baby girl to the moon and back! I love it when you hug my legs and say, "Momma I want to keep you forever and ever."
You are our princess and we love you oh so very much!
Happy 4th Birthday Sweet Caroline!
Love and Prayers,
Mommy and Daddy

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I'm perusing through my pictures that I need to blog and I had to post this one! It was taken at Caroline's friend's, Morgan Kate's, fourth birthday party (hope all those 's are right)! It was a super sweet birthday party and my girl had the best time (MK's mother is quite the party planner)!
I love this picture of Caroline for many reasons. It reminds me of how sweet and happy she is (most of the time). I love her smile as well as her giggles and I hope I never forget the way she laughs when she's tickled!
She's cute. She's smart. She's a mommy's girl. She's a ballerina and a book "reader". She's busy and sassy. She's big and growing by the day! She's 3 but she's almost four...FOUR. I want to freeze this time like picture frames do and savor every minute!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

One of my most favorite things to do is have family photos taken! So when I heard of two local friends, Jen+Holly, holding mini Valentine's Day photo sessions, I couldn't wait to sign my little family up! I was so excited about our family getting to take fun pictures with super cute props! When we received our photos I was thrilled with how they all turned out and had a hard time deciding which ones would make the cut onto our Valentine's Day photo card!
We were so excited that we signed up for Jen+Holly's Easter session! And I hear that their is future shoots with a very popular teal truck! Can't.Wait.For.That!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

I surely can't let the month of January end without posting some of our New Year's Eve pictures and 2013's New Year's resolution.
We spent New Year's Eve day at EdVenture with our sweet neighbors Amy, Cooper, and Jackson. Caroline and Cooper loved ringing in the Noon Year together! My MIL was with us too and I secretly think she had more fun than the children! She did everything that the kiddos did including going into Eddie and sliding down the slide multiple times (with static and all)!
We spent New Year's Eve around our burning barrel! It was cozy! The fireworks we shot later were amazing thanks to our neighbors Amy and Mr. Bill, and of course C's sparklers! I have no idea where Mr. Bill gets his fireworks from but I do think that they are on the side of illegal. They are the kind that you'd see at some fancy show...full of lots of awesome and boom pow! We had a lot of fun for sure!
Every year I make a list of resolutions! The list includes items that I want to try or get better at. I like beginning a new year with bright eyes and new objectives, however, as the year progresses I tend to still do a little of this and a little of that. For example, I wanted to start running. My church offered a running training class and for three months I trained for my first 5K (every Saturday beginning @ 7 am..now that was some dedication). I trained even though I had a prior obligation on the same date as the 5K! I was committed! I loved running but I didn't like the whole walk 1 minute then run for 2, and repeat, etc. It was hard but I loved how I felt afterwards...sweaty, hot, tired, and awesome! After the 5K I had to decide to continue running or not... then June came which =s hot and that didn't work for me no matter what time of day I put my tennis shoes on. So I no longer ran. Sad. Sad. Sad decision. Now that I know all of the effort it took to get my body to run for 30 minutes straight..I can't seem to do it again..at least for right now (however Sam is going to join this year's training class)..He.Can.Do.It! He's already Mr. Fit!
I said all of this to say that I'm not going to make a list of resolutions this year. I'm only going to make one! 2012 has certainly been a great year of growing and learning in many aspects! I'm one of those that wishes if I only would have known what I know now about ten years ago kinda gals. Ignorance is still bliss people!
My one and only new year's resolution for 2013 is to do what is most important in my life. We all have a calling on our hearts from Jesus. I want to know Him more and more each day. I want to tell others of His mercies and grace! I want to do what matters for His kingdom and then everything else will fall into place. Serving Him and teaching others about Him is what matters to this momma's heart! I can't expect anyone else to be this type of an example for my child and her children but me!
This year, I resolve to make much of Jesus by knowing Him and making Him known.
"Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ. For this I toil, struggling with all his energy that he powerfully works within me" (Colossians 1:28-29).

I am not perfect nor do I profess to be but I know that I can't walk through this life without a relationship with Him. God made me and I am accountable to Him. WE.ALL.ARE.! In 2013, what are you offering for God's kingdom?

Cooper and Caroline at EdVenture!

She's shopped till she's dropped!

Sweet friends!

My beautiful baby! I could eat her up!

Ringing in the New Year!
Happy New Year Princess!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Christmas just seemed like it went like it came this year...super fast. I feel like, especially since C's been born, that when Christmas arrives it seems like it was just the previous Christmas. WOW! The older I get the faster it seems the years go.
Anywho, this Christmas came and left behind lots of fun memories with family and friends. I'm treasuring these family/friend fun times more and more (I'll save these thoughts for my New Year's Resolution post).
Here's how The Leviners celebrated Christmas this year.
Christmas began with the arrival of Cinderella, our elf. This is Cinderella's second year being C's elf!  During one visit, one evening, she brought along Jack and a letter! Jack enjoyed hearing all the wonderful things that Cinderella told Santa at the North Pole about C and wanted to see C for himself. He came the night that he was passing through on his way to see Brycen and Braylie!
My family celebrated Christmas at my house this year. Here's Miss Nataleigh! She loves baby dolls! She also loved being pushed around in this toy stroller by C.

Here's Nataleigh's twin brother, Nicolas!
He's a cutie and easy going! My kinda guy!

Loving on my sweet angel baby!
Can't get enough of her!

Kelsey, Nicholas, Caroline, Courtney, and Nataleigh

It just wouldn't be a visit without Big C painting
C's toenails. A Christmas pedi for sure!

C loving her rainboots from Aunt Rhonda!
She wears them all day when she's home!
The Leviners celebrating Christmas at The Longs
with our Sunday School class! It was a blast!

LBC's Young Families Sunday School Christmas party! Love these ladies (several couldn't make the celebration). These gals are pretty special not to mention a lot of fun! Me, Kristen, Amy, Jamie, Rachel, and Holly!

My sweet dear friend Raven held her annual cookie decorating party for Nolan, Morgan Kate, and Caroline! The kiddos had a great time decorating the cookies that Heather made from scratch! They were delish! I think the adults had as much fun (if not more) than the kiddos!
Nolan, Morgan Kate, and C! Love, love, love
these little friends!
Miss Emi! Nolan's baby sister!
She is one sweet angel! She slept through the cookie decorating this year! I'm quite sure that next year she'll be getting down and dirty in the flour and frosting just like the big kids!
It's cookie decorating time!
Ta-da! Beautiful! Yum!
Having loads of Christmas fun making smores @ LBC's Christmas at the Barn at Harmon's Tree Farm.

Aunt R and C decorating cookies! This is my fav pic of these two!
Now on to eating those decorated cookies!

It's snowing at the barn! My recent most fav pic of my girl!
All bundled up and ready for worship!
We love Jesus and are so thankful for His birth!

Some of my favs enjoying celebrating Christmas at the Barn!
This photo booth pic is worth showing twice!
I love, love, love this! We are a silly bunch!

Here's C seeing the lights at Riverbanks Zoo!
It was cold but oh so fun!
It was a treat running into some of Sam's family! We were ready to go when we ran into them but decided to stay 2 more hours! It made for an even more fun night with The Beckwiths, The Macks, and The Toole families!

It's Christmas Eve! We are getting ready to take 40+ Mary Kay Satin Hands Set to Richland's NICU mothers! After our delivery we headed to LBC's Christmas Eve service! By the evening's end we were blessed and our hearts were full!
I say this every year, but I love making our Chrismtas cards and I love getting Christmas cards! Here we are for 2012's!
 Santa came and dropped off presents for a very good little girl all while eating his milk and cookies and writing our girl a special note!
Merry Christmas! Ho-Ho-Ho!
One excited little girl about getting the princess 
barbies! One.Very.Excited.Girl.!

After seeing what Santa brought we headed to the Burg to have Christmas with the rest of the Leviner family! Here's C with Samantha and Anna! Afterwards Samantha read the verses from Luke 2. The story of the baby Jesus. We had a very fun afternoon with this gang of loves!
All the Leviner cousins: Silas, Samantha, C, Anna, Christian, and Franklin! They are a cute looking bunch! After the Christmas festivities these kiddos played for hours outside!

Before C headed off to Boiling Springs to spend time with her big cousins we headed over to the Broadwell's. This had been a three year tradition! Here they are: Caroline, Charlie, Sarah Ann, Anna Claire, Nathan, and Reece! Next year we'll have Sarah Ann and Reece's little brother Carson to join in the big kid fun! Can't wait for Carson to make his debut in about 7 weeks!