"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Thursday, April 03, 2008

The sweetest girls! Courtney 14 and Kelsey 11!

Melinda and Kelsey!

Touring Savannah on the Trolley!

What's so funny- Silly girl!
The best most southern South Carolina gals!

Watch out Savannah here comes six of the best most southern South Carolina women around! My oldest sister, Rhonda (who loves to plan trips), planned an awesome family women only trip to Savannah, GA and here's the story- my point of view!
When Rhonda called and mentioned about us women going to Savannah and Paula Deen all in the same sentence, I just knew I was going to be on the Paula Deen show!! After the excitement dwindled, (only a little), I began to search for the perfect outfit for my stardom! It wasn't until the night before our trip that I learned that I would only be going to Paula Deen's famous restaurant, Lady and Sons, and would not be appearing as an overly excited audience member on the Paula Deen Show (she doesn't even film her shows in Savannah- where did I think that I would actually be on the show? Hum!). Oh, well it was just the thought!
We had such a great time in Savannah! On Saturday morning (8:00 mind you) Kelsey and Kay stood in the rain outside the Lady and Sons restaurant trying to get reservations for lunch. In the meantime the rest of the crowd- Rhonda, Mamma, Courtney, Melissa, and Melinda wanted to see what all Savannah had to offer so we could plan for the afternoon. The first thing we had to do or at least Rhonda did was to find a trolley tour. She had to know the price for all the different trolley companies and all the sightseeing places that each trolley company had to offer for their guests. She wanted to go sightseeing, on a tour- why couldn't we just drive around- we could pretend to tell each other what we already knew about the important places in Savannah?
I always wondered why my grandparents wanted to sightsee on vacation- I think its an age thing- so Rhonda you're getting um, well you can fill in the blank here yourself, he, he). I think we spent more time trying to figure out the tour trolley guide thing than actually touring the city. Anyways...
After waiting what seemed like hours for Kay and Kelsey we caught back up with them and they finally got us reservations (even if they stood in the rain it was worth it) and we were thrilled that we'd be eating a very southern lunch!
Now after lunch we did tour the historic city of Savannah- on a trolley- in the rain. We really didn't learn anything about the history of Savannah that day- for one we had to pull over twice because of the rain so our tour guide could put the plastic windows back in place and for two the rain and the wind were too loud to hear anything he had to say! But it was fun being driven around on a trolley and knowing that you weren't responsible for any traffic laws that were being broken (I'm sure we did some speeding, some illegal lane change, etc, etc.!)
We of course shopped and dinned however I dont' remember where except at the Lady and Sons. It must've been that good!
Our trip ended so fast. On the way back to SC Rhonda began to name a host of other places for our next family women only trip. I know its going to be a good one just like this trip- filled with laughs and a many of wrong turns!
Our trip was a blast- now ya'll it don't get no more southern than that!