"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Caroline's Bedding

Here's Caroline's Baby Bedding! It's pink and chocolate brown! After finding out that she's a girl we began the search for the perfect bedding for our baby girl! I pondered several other options before my oldest sister, Rhonda, e-mailed this bedding to me! It's perfect. All of the other choices were wonderful but when I first saw this one I knew it would be a great addition to her room. When we thought she was a boy baby the bedding seemed much easier to pick. Being pregnant has made me very indecisive- this also includes picking out baby furniture which we've looked at over and over. Sam and I went to Babies R Us again and looked/picked out baby furniture (Sam made the ultimate decision since I couldn't seem to). We are going with the color black, sleigh crib, a dresser, and a glider rocker for now. We're still pondering the need for the adorable chifforobe and chest of drawers!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Morning Message for Leviner's Lambs
This was the morning message that I posted today announcing to my children that I'd be having a girl! Weeks before, I read the book "Our Teacher's Having a Baby" by Eve Bunting. After reading the book to them the children wanted to know what I'd be having- I told them a boy! They were very surprised to get this morning message after hearing that the baby was a boy and now it's a girl! They even liked her name- Caroline Faye Leviner!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

"Children are a gift from God; They are His reward." Psalm 127:3
Today was a very exciting day for me and Sam! Not only was today our 20th week appointment but we had a little surprise during our ultrasound. We found out that we're not having a boy but a precious sweet little girl! The ultrasound tech checked out the baby's organs, bones, brain- all the major features and then she couldn't wait to tell us what we were having. This was the same ultrasound tech that said at our 11 week appointment "off the record but its a boy". As she was looking for her "parts" she said I hope that I am not going to disappoint you but you're having a GIRL! We knew at our 11 week appointment that the baby's sex was not 100% for certain so we waited until this appointment to have it confirmed! We were not at all disappointed because we were just told the most wonderful news that any expecting parent would want to hear- that is that our baby's ultrasound looks normal and the baby looks great! She weighs 11 ounces and is in the 31 percentile! She was very active during the ultrasound- I haven't felt much other than flutters but you could tell on the screen that she was moving a lot- so the 3D pictures that she took were not of her best "features", so I didn't include those here!
After our appointment we hardly could get out of the door before we started calling our parents and close friends. Some asked if we were in shock about finding out its a girl rather than a boy. Our reply was no! We didn't care what we were having as long as the baby was healthy. This has been such a blessing!
Our daughter's name will be Caroline Faye Leviner. We'll call her Caroline! I've always liked the name Caroline and Faye is my mother's middle name! Sam now gets to rethink the whole nursery theme- he's thinking pink and brown- I'm thinking black and white with hot pink or lime green as trim! Sam has really gotten into the nursery theme- especially when we thought the baby would be a boy so now he has to rethink the color of the walls and all the art decor that he wants to paint/draw on the walls! I don't think a jungle theme will do for a princess!
I was also pleased to know that I'd gained some weight- but I didn't know that it'd be so much in five weeks- a mere 8 lbs! I saw Dr. Ridenhour today and she asked me about what kinds of things I'd been eating (I brought up the weight subject) and I told her yogurt and lots of milk for snacks. I haven't been eating sweets and I thought that eating lots of fruit would curb my appeitite but I really love milk! So she says to not overdue the calcium intake and that I could walk if I wanted to- Sam and I were beginning to start the whole walking routine but its never been established. So she says she's not worried this time but that if I gained 8 lbs before next month's visit then it'd be a bit of concern!
We are so thankful that we got a good ultrasound report! We are still praising the Lord for this wonderful and exciting news! Our next doctor's appointment is December 2nd!