"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Sunday, February 28, 2010

In celebration of our little girl turning one, (whew...hard for me to still believe almost a year has passed), at the end of March, Sam redesigned for Caroline a birthday blog! We hope that you will enjoy all the new posts this month as we reminiscence about our little girl's first year of life!
Also, the left side of the blog I will post scripture, thoughts, quotes, and ponderings!
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Love and Prayers,
The Leviners

Friday, February 26, 2010

This week was career week at WKES! My first grade team members participated in dress up day by wearing Airforce Gear! Thanks Danika for sharing the uniforms! The day was fun and I was saluted many times throughout the day by my students. While the uniforms were fun to wear, I'm so appreciative of the men and women who put on a uniform each day in order to serve and protect our wonderful country!

T: (L to R) Jo Ann, Teresa, Melissa, Corrine
B: (L to R) Emily, Jenny, Natasha, & Danika

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I planned to blog this post last Friday, but sometimes well plans just change! When I picked little girl up from Ms. Leah's on last Thursday I noticed that she wasn't quite "Cackleline". She had a runny nose but I wanted to think it was because she was just outside playing, but more she was a little fussy. When I got her home she was extremely warm so we took her temperature. It was 100.1 so we gave her a bath, I nursed her and fed her baby food and we rechecked her temp. It was about the same so we gave her motrin. As the night went on we put her to sleep and then woke her to recheck her temp around 10:30. After we woke her we noticed that she was breathing fast and had a very fast heartrate.  She still had fever and of course I wanted to panic but that would not have been good for all so I held it together and prayed...again. I knew she wasn't having trouble breathing but the way her breathing sounded made it a little unnerving. We kept her in bed with us and I tried to get her settled. She eventually did and then I listened to her breathe. I did place her back in her crib and then tried to sleep. She woke up Friday morning still warm even after alternating tylenol/motrin through the night. We knew exactly what she had...her 5th ear infection (even after getting off an antibiotic the previous Monday). Sam stayed home and I went to work thinking that I would go to fulfill my morning duty get sub plans and head home so we could take her to the dr. Plans changed. Sam called me at 8:30 to say he had gotten her an appt for 3 and that I could just meet them there. That afternoon as I was driving to meet them at the doctor's office I kept thinking about the words I would need to say so that I sounded persistent with getting an ENT appointment. When we were in a room I didn't need to say any of things that I thought about during the drive. Dr. T could look at her and tell she didn't feel well and when she checked her left ear, it was very infected. I asked her on a scale from one to ten what her ear looked like and she said it was an eight. She also said that Caroline should be screaming her head off. Luckily, this was not what Caroline was doing. In fact right before  Dr. T walked in she was laughing and playing. After talk about ear infections...AGAIN... she ordered one Rocephin shot. No parent wants to see her child get a shot but this one was awful to witness. Sam and I were both in tears. Little girl cried of course but handled it very well. After consoling her she calmed down and we had to wait the fifteen minutes afterwards to make sure there would be no reaction. Praise the Lord there wasn't a reaction and we were able to leave when we could. But along with C becoming ill so did her mommy. Apparently I picked up some stomach bug and was also under the weather on Friday. I'm so glad Sam was there to take care of us all. Four days after the Rocephin shot and little girl is still feeling better. We have an ENT appointment on Monday and we're so glad that we were able to get in this early (at least before she gets another ear infection).
Now for the rest of the blog!!

Here's Wilbur! He came back from vacation. Noticed
how it took all of the snow in the yard to make
this. Wilbur lasted a week!
Wilbur and his new friends, Sam and Caroline!

Little girl loved him! She thought he looked
very funny!

My mom and stepdad came for a visit on Saturday!
Caroline's Nanny brought lots of Valentines goodies
with her! Thanks, Nanny!

The girls!


C is showing everyone what she can do!

My new friends that my Nanny bought for me!
Ellie and Sweetly!

Happy First Valentines Day Caroline! For the last 12
years, Sam has made my Valentines Day cards! This year he made
two! Here's Caroline's first Valentines Day card
from her special valentine!

Opening her Valentines Day gift from mommy
and daddy!

The front of her card!

Happy Valentines Day!

Grand and Pops came up on Valentines Day and
ate Sunday lunch! They brought yummy steaks
and the fixins'! It was delicious and Caroline
enjoyed loving on them!

Yes, I'm happy all the time, but occasionally I put
on my pout pout face!

I love these nesting cups!

Still climbing!

Here's C with her daddy celebrating his 33rd
birthday! She loved wearing her party
outfit! We celebrated his birthday at Outback.
I do have more pictures, however, they are on
another camera. I'll load those soon!

Going on my first neighborhood stroll of the year!

She was so excited about getting in her "car"!

Let's go!!

So sweet!

Silly! She's starting to make these faces more

Our sweet Caroline!

Little girl loves playing with her carseat! Sam said one
time that she crawled up one end and went down
the other like it was a seesaw! Funny!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Howdy! I'll be posting a new post soon! All 25 picutures have been loaded and I'll have it all posted hopefully by tomorrow! Can't wait to share C's first Valentine's Day, first snow, and how she spent celebrating for the first time her daddy's birthday!
See you back soon!
The Leviners

Friday, February 12, 2010

Little Girl!

I didn't think that Caroline could be this much fun or any baby for that matter! Babies are just so much fun especially this little one! We love the way she giggles when we tickle her or make funny noises. She has this little laugh that is just well, FUN to hear. Like tonight when I was "getting" her belly and before I would even tickle her she would just start to laugh and laugh...the kind of laugh that she does before the tickle comes but can't seem to contain herself until the tickle comes! It's hysterical to hear! I love how she's so happy!
I forgot to mention on my last post that she now has 3.5 teeth! She has two on the bottom in the front and one that we see very well on the top and another on the top that's "peeking". I'm sure by the end of next week we'll see all of it! This time I didn't even know that the first top tooth was coming in until my sister showed me (I don't usually stick my fingers in her mouth for germ reasons)! She didn't teeth much, wasn't fussy, didn't run fever, didn't have bad diapers, wasn't drooling terribly, etc all unlike the first bottom tooth! Her little teeth are so cute and I'm already worried about how to keep them healthy (imagine that..me finding something new to worry about)!

Last Thursday when I got home from my literacy class, I noticed
that little girl wasn't wearing any britches! I asked Sam, who was washing dishes, about why she wasn't wearing any pants. He said what are you talking about! He then walked out of the kitchen to see what in the world I was talking about. Little girl apparently learned how to take off her britches! Look at that grin!

Watching the Super Bowl with Daddy! Love her
crinkle face smile!

Yes, we are both wearing sweaters! I'm always cold
and I've always heard that you're to dress a baby as would
yourself, however we just so happen to have the same color sweater!
So here we are! She loved the buttons on hers and the string that tied on mine!

Playing with daddy's hat! Silly!

My Favorite Places!
Little girl has several places where she likes to play
 sit or stand! She likes being under things like her

Don't let her fool you! She's not hungry!
She'd rather be standing beside her highchair
than sitting in it to eat! She very much
dislikes sitting in her highchair! She squirms
 her way out of the straps and eventually stands
up while we are feeding her. I usually have to
hold her to get her to eat her baby food! Yes, I know
I'm giving in way to soon! What's a mama to do?!
So standing by her highchair is another one of my favorite places!

I was caught here taking pictures off of our
fridge! I know that I'm not supposed to be
doing this, but I really like the picture of the baby
that's on the fridge that looks exactly like me! So
standing by the fridge to play is another one of my
favorite places!

I can even reach for those pictures you've put
way up high mom by standing on my tippy toes!

Yes, I am standing all by my big girl self!

Looking out the backdoor...wishing she were
outside and loving to be outside just like her
daddy! Standing by this door is one of my
favorite places!

A chair! She loves sitting under the chairs in the
living room! Here she is reading the pictures
of a book! She also likes trying to stand under
this table but when she hit her head she
found out it was impossible!

Getting Ready for Love Day!
Each day this week Caroline has been
wearing Valentine colors!

Hey there little girl!

Loving on my Little Valentine!

My First Snow!
Living in SC, I've never seen this much snow! So
when we got home we started to play in it! Little girl
loved it! I am so glad that it snowed at our house and that Caroline
got to see it during her first year of life!

Look at my mittens!

Caroline had several friends that came over to
play in the snow with her! She's looking at one
of them playing in our yard!

Look at that happy smile!


Loving the snow that's fallen at my house!

 Looking at the snow from one of my favorite
places! Daddy says he can't wait to take
me out to play in the snow tomorrow! I can hardly wait!