"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Little Girl is already in the Double Digits!

On yesterday, Caroline turned 10 months old. As I am writing this I'm thinking about months 1-9 and how I remember typing out the same thing and it seems like only yesterday was March 29, 2009, the very day on which she was born. We love our little girl more and more each day and a year ago I couldn't imgaine what my life was going to be like with her and now I can't imagine my life without her. We are truly blessed.
Speaking of time and how fast it seems to fly, just last week a coworker was showing me her scrapbooking skills and she handed me a page that she was working on of her son, whose now a college graduate. The article on the page was from her son's high school yearbook and it was written by her son's principal. His son was also graduating from high school and he was reminiscing about what he was going to miss about his son. The article immediately brough tears to my eyes. Even thinking that Caroline is going to one day leave home, go to college, and then start a home of her own is unfathomable to me right now, but it will happen. The reality of it, is that, that time will come. As a mother of a ten month old I haven't yet thought about missing her dirty socks on her bedroom floor or food crumbs in her bed. The Lord always prepares us for what's ahead He must know my feelings on change and is preparing me early. Real early! But for now I'm already missing the things that she no longer does as a baby but am realizing that she'll be doing new things each day that I will someday soon miss and yet she continues to grow and change. As I continue to savor each day I know and must remember that she's growing, is happy, and will always and forever be precious to her daddy and me.

What's little girl up to these days?
Caroline is such the busy girl!! She's crawling...sometimes faster than I can walk! She's pulling up on things, the favorite being the coffee table. Her favorite "toy" is the remote control and she has become very good at pulling the dish off of the coffee table that holds the remote just so she can get it. Just today she started climbing the stairs, and also this afternoon I noticed from the kitchen that she was standing up in the living room clapping. There wasn't anything near her for her to hold onto and so there she was standing and clapping. I don't know how long it was but to me it was a pretty long time..probably a whole 2 seconds. When she is holding onto something she forgets that for now that's what she has to do to remain standing and so she'll let go and just plop on the floor. If you wave at her she'll hold her hand straight out as if waving back. It's funny to see her arm outstretched without any fingers moving back and forth. Food...she's eating a lot (well some) table food (she's still getting mostly baby food). She likes french cut green beans, au gratin potatoes, biscuits...she LOVES biscuits. She's never cried to eat before (well mostly). I've always tried to feed her before it got to that point but tonight I gave her a few pieces of my biscuit and when it was gone she just cried and cried to have more. After we shared our second biscuit she was crawling in daddy's lap because he had one on his plate which she helped herself to. Any more suggestions for table foods that she should/could be eating now would be great! She's still nursing and I'm trying to reduce her to four feedings a day. My question is what does/should she drink between her lunch time and dinner time when she won't drink water or juice from a sippy cup, which by the way we are practicing but haven't made progress. But I don't mind..like I said I don't want to rush my baby girl!

My favorite two people!

Yes, she is wearing red socks with her pink and brown pajamas (these
are the only socks that will keep her feet warm at night).

Love when she does this!

I am climbing the stairs to get to Mr. Kitty!

Where is the snow?

Giggle girl!

I love this gumball toy!

One of her many standing positions!

This was last weekend when she hadn't yet learned
that she could climb them.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Caroline got a special delivery this week from her Aunt Rhonda! She was so excited and loved touching and patting the mailer! Her Aunt Rhonda filled it with lots of Valentine's goodies like clothes, hair bows, a book, and socks! We have since washed all of them and they are all ready to wear! Thank you Aunt Rhonda for my package!

Little girl is also getting better from her third, yes third, ear infection. This came on suddenly Thursday am and by Thursday pm it was accompanied by a cough, runny nose, congestion, and sneezing. Except for not being a big eater, you wouldn't know she was sick! She's just the happiest littlest thing ever!

I also have several unspoken prayer request this weekend. Continue to keep the people of Haiti in your thoughts and prayers in the days to come.
She couldn't wait to see just what was inside!

So many fun things!

See all those fine fun toys in the background?
This little one loves those but would much rather
play with boxes, paper, and magazines!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Here's some latest pics of Caroline! Saturday a week ago little girl started pulling up all by herself (well the first time that we have seen her, however I am quite sure that the very first time was when she found herself sitting upright in her clothes hamper)!
Every single day I am amazed at how fast little girl is growing. It seems like one day she was born and the next she's crawling and getting into everything. It's so much fun watching her laugh and giggle and how the littlest things can make her just so very happy! I am amazed at how much these last nine months have changed my life forever! I am surely enjoying every minute!

I love the nose crinkle smile! She's just so proud of herself!

This is one of her many favorite toys from Santa! She could watch those
balls pop out of this thing all day. If only she could figure how to put them back in again!

Look at those lips!

Caroline's first cousins and Maw-Maw!

Four Generations!

Such a big girl!

This girl loves to do this...

and this but this...

just take a look at what she's looking at! Out of all
the magazines under our coffee table look at the very
one that she's picked out! She's going to be a make-up
gal like her mommy!

 Our funny little girl!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

I usually do not make new year's resolution. For one thing I can't seem to keep up with how many I make and all involved to finish them for 12 whole months. This year however I am making a few new year's resolutions not because I want to but because I need to! Here's the rundown!
  1.  I would like to think that I'm organized but from the looks of our house it seems quite the opposite. I keep telling Sam that I am very organized in my head!! I know where things are but sometimes things can get disarrayed very quickly. So this year I am going to maintain neatness and order especially in our bonus room. This room is where most of the "things" that are no longer needed or things that don't have a particular spot are kept! I am also very good at remembering dates such as birthday parties, doctor's appt, hair cuts, events, etc. But in November I missed 4 events due to not remembering them. So Sam and I went out and got an office grade expo calendar so that I can write in the "big" squares times for and places for events.
  2.  After March I would like to start walking again. C loved being strolled around last summer but I stopped once school began for time's sake. I want to pick back up this habit and it would be for exercise and of course the fun C would have while strolling around our neighborhood. And if a few pounds are shed then that's just fine with me!
  3.  I also want to get into "The Word" more! Reading the Bible should not only be nighttime reading before going to sleep. Sam and I have started reading different books especially by Max Lucado while studying the Bible and we want to do it more. One of the book studies being offered in our SS class is on Evangelism. I am very interested in learning how to talk more to people about God!
  4.  Find new recipes for quick delicious meals. Sure, I have tons of great recipes. But I'm wanting a few specialties that are quick!

2009 has been a wonderful and blessed year for The Leviners. Here are 9 things (and there are more) that were special in 2009 for our little family of three!
  1.  The Birth of our sweet Caroline on March 29th! Our lives have been  forever changed by this precious baby girl!
  2.  We celebrated three years of marriage on June 24th!
  3.  We watched some of the major first milestones as Caroline smiled, laughed, giggled, rolled over, sat up, crawled, ate baby food, had play dates, started "talking". We also watched in marvel as we celebrated her first holidays! Oh, there are many more!
  4. Joined Lexington Baptist Church on March 15th!
  5. Dedicated Caroline on August 20th!
  6. Taking Caroline on her first vacation!
  7. Spending time with friends and their babies and those who are expecting!
  8. Being blessed with family and friends that love us!
  9. All the memories of the year 2009!
Happy New Year! We are surely looking forward to what 2010 will bring!