"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, August 27, 2012

I do have so much to post! Since school is back in session and is all consuming  this fun recent pic of my girl's "new ears" will keep you updated for now!
I was too excited when getting C's ballet shoes last weekend she announced that she wanted her ears pierced. She's been asking us to get them pierced ever since her little cousin Nataleigh got hers pierced (at Christmas). The "let's wait awhile" spiel was no longer working so I gave in! After walking in and out of Claire's three times (the girls getting their new ears cried after their piercings and it scared C), here's C's new ears! She did great and didn't even cry once! I'm so proud! This was totally her decision. I was hoping she'd wait at least until first grade but sometimes you just gotta give in especially to a little someone that's this super cute and is already such a big girl! She was ready! I love them. She loves them. Her daddy loves them (he was secretly more excited than the momma)!
Now, I really can't wait until the next six weeks are over. She's going to look super adorable with pearls in those lobes!

Friday, August 10, 2012

In June...
we went here...

because of this!

My sweet neighbor Leigh Ann
made this for Caroline!

The first day, Big C and Kelsey
took C to make this cute pillow!
We were inside a lot that day due to
Debbie, a tropical storm. Actually, Debbie
interfered with a lot of our plans that week!

C getting ready for the water pool!

My two loves! This was also my anniversary day, six
beautiful years!

This girl would play with water
all day long!

Water pool time!

Let's go somebody!

 Blizzard Beach, our first park stop!
C had a lot of fun!

Love her and this smile!

Here we are with our $10.00 bucket icecreams!
These were fun to eat and fun to watch get eaten!

Water girl!

Our bucket of ice cream... gone!

Can't get enough of these two!

These 3 girls sure know how to have fun! Love them!

Here's my girl in her own raft flowing down 
roaring waters, which she rode over and over and over!

Here she is again!

Loving the fun!

 Hollywood Studios!

The big girls! Aren't they beautiful!

Kelsey and I riding Toy Story! This was the best ride
at the park! Kelsey was super competitive, she won!
Love this ride!

 Fun fam pic!

Read, Set, Action!

Getting ready to see the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show!

Getting super excited to see the show!

It poured! We got soaked! More fun!

C loved the Beauty and the Beast show! It was my
most fav show there of all the shows we saw!

(Oops! My pics are out of order). This is us waiting to 
ride Toy Story! Mr. Potato Head was very
entertaining during the 1.5 hour wait!

Courtney and Rhonda on Toy Story! Forgot who won!

C and K!

This is one of my most favorite pics at Magic Kingdom!

Belle and Caroline!

With Cinderella! I think C is very pleased with
getting to hold the hand of this princess!

Mary Poppins!

The icon of Magic...the castle!


Ride buddies!

Ride buddies!

The best ride buddies! I think secretly we had
the most fun!

Donald Duck!

It's a small world after all!

The bad fairy, Vivaldi! She defintely played this part well!

Vivaldi wasn't nice, but C brought out this slight smile!

Tinker Bell!

Tinker Bell and the fam!

Tinker Bell! She was so sweet!

The carousel was her fav! We rode it three times!


When one of my students found out that I was
expecting Caroline, he brought her back from Disney 
this monogrammed hat!

Daisy Duck!

Snow White! She was our fav character! She was
very nice and spent lots of time with our girl!


Belle and C!

My most favorite pic of our trip!

Watching the 3:00 parade!

C loving her girls! I love them!

Teapot time!

My little family!

Ariel and Eric!

Pooh and Tiger!

We just had to dance near Stitch!
We do have a cat named after him!

This girl wanted to dance and dance, but wanted to be held!

I love her!

Kelsey and C on the slow ride!

Buzz! She was most afraid of him!

The end of a fun night!

Disney was fabulous! We spent 8 magical days there! My sister organized our trip down to what ride we should ride based on it's rating! We spent two of our days at Magic Kingdom! Thanks goodness we did. There would have been no way we would have gone through the whole park in one. We also had lot of tips from a friend of mine who use to work at Disney (thanks Victoria). We went in June when it was beginning to get super hot. I was told from a park worker that the best time to go is February when it's not too crowded and not too hot! We spent a lot of time getting character signatures! C only liked the characters if she could see their faces. Pooh, Tiger, and Buzz were not her favorites! I think we got over 18 character signatures and pics! Some of us would stand in line while the rest rode rides or got fast passes and then we traded waiting in a character line! In this way we weren't spending our whole time riding and not seeing any characters and not just standing in line only to get character pics and signatures! We defintely can't wait to do it again!