"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Thursday, May 28, 2009

This past weekend we headed back to Orangeburg and we again stayed with Pops and Grand. We had a lot of fun!

Caroline's enjoying Grand and Pop's
front porch view! Really, she's watching
her daddy fix up Grand and Pop's yard!

Getting some Grand love!

I was able to see both of my
grandmother's this weekend. This was
the first time that Maw-Maw Annie
Lois was able to hold Caroline! Caroline
is 8 weeks old!

Bows have been really tricky for me! I don't know
if they are too big (she has enough hair) or if
its me that doesn't know how to put them in.

What is on my head mommy?

Right after I took this picture, Caroline had
her whole foot on the tray!

Tummy Time. Caroline loves to suck on her
fist!! She's so cutie!

Both of my favorite people love to sleep, sleep,

We visited Fran this past week!

Fran's twins- Huiet Ann and Ella Grace-
14 months old!

Our new friend, Matalyn Elizabeth Martin was
born on May 19 at 3:39 pm. Caroline was 7 weeks
2 days old and Matalyn was one day old! Proud
parents are Matt and Lynn Martin!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lots to Blog About...

Relay, Ballet, Orangeburg, Seven Weeks

This weekend was pretty busy but lots of fun!! On Friday, The Leviners headed on over to Lexington High School's Wildcat Hollow for Lexington's annual Relay for Life. My school has a team that particpates in the walk every year and WKES raised over 10,000 dollars for the cause. We saw lots of our "little" friends while there (see pics below) and we had so much fun!

On Saturday, our niece, Anna, had her ballet recital in Goose Creek. She did very well and was the best one in her class! Anna had so much fun and loved seeing all of her family cheer her on!

On Sunday, we met our family from Ohio for Bar-B-Que in Santee at a place called Lone Star- it was nice seeing all the family that could join us and catching up was so much fun!! We stayed with Caroline's Pops and Grand for the weekend and Caroline had such a good time being held and loved on by them!

Our little cute pie was seven weeks on Sunday! She's still giggling and laughing all the time! She's awake a lot more during the day and is still sleeping between five and six hours at night.

Caroline doesn't like being in her travel swing (it doesn't sit up) and sometimes she'll sit in her bouncey seat- so we were able to borrow a swing from a friend. This swing reclines and sits up and we wanted to see if Caroline would sleep in it during some naps during the day- she likes it so far but still wants to be held especially during daytime naps. She mostly listens to the music and watches the mobile that moves above her so sleeping in it is minimal.

Pray Request- I have a friend, Amy, that had her baby on last Friday, and his name is Evan. Evan is having some issues with breathing and is currently in the NICU at Richland. Please pray for Evan along with his parents, Amy and John, and big brother Thomas and big sister Sarah. To see who you're praying for here's Evan's blog link.

Happy Seven Weeks Caroline!

Caroline has found her thumb! Pops was so
proud of her and he says she'll be crawling soon (he, he)!!

Grand read to me all weekend! I loved it!

Pops loved holding me!

Melinda, Melissa, and Caroline in Santee at
Lone Star!

Anna- a little ballerina!

Natasha and Brycen loving on Caroline at Relay
for Life!

Allison and Michelle with Caroline! I love your
paper butterfly hat Michelle!!
Melissa and Caroline with Cortney and Sarah Ann!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Girl! Caroline smiling and laughing at 6 weeks old!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Today was an outing for sure! I had my six week check up and so all three of us made a day of it. After my appointment we headed on over to Groucho's for lunch and then headed on to White Knoll so my children could meet Caroline. There little eyes lit up as we walked into the room. I took Caroline out of her stroller and held her up for them to see and they were so funny with their comments about her (I told them they could only look not touch)! They thought she was just so cute and I have to admit they are right (one teacher friend even said that she thought her children were cute- but that Caroline was the most beautiful baby she'd ever seen)! We had to leave the room almost as quick as we arrived because Caroline had a little poo accident and so we had to change her everything- school was out by the time all this business took place so I'm going back very soon so they could see her again and maybe one more time after that for our end of the year class party! As we were showing her off to other teachers in the building after school another first grader (his mom is also a teacher at my school) commented- "does she walk yet" and "are you coming back in August" and "if she just lays around all day what did I do"- he's too funny! He had yet another question but quickly said "never mind"- I can only imagine what he wanted to ask!

Please keep the Freemans in your thoughts and prayers. They lost their little girl, Kayleigh, last night after 11 months in the NICU. The show The Doctors is featuring a documentary on Kayleigh and her family on tomorrow, May 13th. This family is enduruing tremendous pain right now but they have unwavering faith in God for His plan for them (Jeremiah 29:11). Their story has not only witnessed to me but also to the thousands of people who read Kayleigh's blog each and every day.

Monday, May 11, 2009

More Mother's Day Weekend! On last Saturday night I met my mom and stepfather for dinner at Fatz- this is another one of my favorite out to eat spots! We had fun even though Caroline was a little fussy- mom took her out right before we left because I was worried that she was disturbing others with her crying! She likes being outside and she soon was settled!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day! Today was such a sweet day for me and my little family! I woke up this morning to a scrapbook page that Sam made from Caroline- this will be the gift that I most treasure! As most of you know I am a card person- over the year's, since we've been dating, Sam's made for me very special Christmas, Valentine's, and Birthday cards- you know the ones that are creative and take a lot of time to make. So I was so excited to get my card in the form of a scrapbook page this morning with special momentos written all over it from my sweet little girl! My day was filled with fun and I enjoyed every moment with Caroline! This is just the start of the many years of fun memories as a mommy to come!

Caroline turned six weeks old today as well! We gave her a bath this morning and afterwards she was ready to eat so I didn't have time to brush her hair- here she is with "Wild Monkey Hair"!! Happy six weeks baby!

This past week has been the most relaxed for me since Caroline's been born. We're still on an inconsistent feeding schedule and I can't seem to keep up with household things but I know it'll come. Caroline is not so much gagging and coughing like before. Since week three she's been some nights sleeping as long as six hours. Today she went four hours between two feedings before nursing again. Like I said things are still inconsistent but she'll get on her own schedule when she's ready!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Caroline got her first visit today from a Leviner's Lamb! Here's Kaitlyn with her mother, Anna, and brother, Michael! The Bergers also brought us dinner and Caroline loved their visit! Kaitlyn shared with me all of the wonderful things that Ms. Smith is teaching my first graders- one being double digit addition! She also shared about how much fun she had on a recent field trip to the Riverbanks Zoo! I cannot wait until we can visit all of the Lambs at school!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Today has been a fun day (yesterday not so much)! Caroline's Gran came up for another visit today and finally I've been able to get a picture of the two of them together! Our day was so much fun. We ate lunch at one of my favorite eating spots- Groucho's, went to the pediatrician's office to have Missy Moo weighed, and then headed over to Target and then to Kohl's. Our day eneded with me getting a quick haircut!

Yes, we took Caroline to be weighed- I've been wanting to for some time now but you see I have this fear of driving her around by myself (I did it though last week- TWICE) so I haven't taken her until today! Joyce and I guestimated her weight beforehand- I guessed 10.14 and Joyce guessed 11.5 (I think). She weighs 10.7 and is measuring 22 inches- she sure is growing! Her little face is filling out and I can tell when I pick her up that she's gained some weight!

Yesterday was a different story from today- it must be something about Tuesdays! Last Tuesday she didn't have such a great day either! Anyways, yesterday, Caroline was such a fuss fuss girl. Nothing appeased her and she wanted to nurse every 2 hours on the dot. I know you're supposed to let a baby cry but these was a cry that wasn't nice to listen to for more than 10 minutes at a time. The bouncey seat just wouldn't do nor the swing, lying on her back or side wouldn't fit the bill either. We just made the day of it by doing whatever was needed for the moment- rocking, walking, singing, chaning her diaper, nursing, swinging, etc, etc- never has she just cried just to cry until yesterday. Finally by 5:30 she settled down and then into the evening she was even more settled- she had a great night of sleeping and today she's been sleeping quite a bit. I've read in books and magazines that a baby can cry up to 3 hours per day for no reason but to cry. I know, I know, there are going to be days like this and there will be more to come! This was defintely an experience because I felt like I couldn't make her happy, but today she's been such the happy girl!

Gran loving on her Caroline!

Missy Moo- 5 1/2 weeks!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Our cute pie is five weeks old today! Where does time go? This past week has been filled with smiles and laughs from Caroline! She has quite the personality and is just so sweet! She has these really funny facial expressions that keep Sam and I laughing!

She's learned three new things this past week! One morning I was just playing with her while she was in her bouncey seat. She began to laugh as usual but then she began smiling BIG. This was so cute and as I talked to her she began smiling again and again. I love those pretty girl smiles! Another morning while she was waking me up she started to squeal while making her usual baby noises. It was hilarious and when she figured out she could squeal she kept right on doing it! I laughed right along with her and she was just so happy! This past week she also started to track things with her eyes. I know babies don't see far off very well until they are three months old but she's defintely starting to see things better from a distance. Courtney, our niece, was playing with Caroline this weekend and when she got up Caroline followed her movements. It was so sweet- it was as if Caroline was saying "Hey, where are you going!"

Caroline also has been sleeping longer through the night. She's just so sleepy all the time. When we first brought her home we had to wake her just to nurse. There was one day when she wouldn't wake up and I couldn't get her to be alert enough to nurse and I made my first phone call to the pediatrician- in a panic, thinking that it had been almost five hours since my 2 week old has eaten. All was well and in another hour she woke up and was ready to nurse. Well, now Missy Moo has decided to not sleep much during the day- she'll take several cat naps and will sleep as long as you hold her or if she's lying on her belly (for the most part I haven't been lying her down on her belly during the day anymore- makes me a little bit nervous) but the moment you lay her down in her crib, couch, bouncey seat, or swing she wakes up within ten minutes. She'll begin to squirm and then become fidgety and then she'll make all these noises. We've decided that she doesn't like being on her back. Night time is a different story- she'll go to sleep on her back and stay asleep. She's starting to sleep for about four to five hours at a time and when she wakes up to nurse I can't seem to get her back to sleep until it's time to nurse her again in three hours. Any suggestions for why this is? I want to try waking her up in the night every three hours but I've always heard to never wake a sleeping baby! We've only had one restless night and I won't call it bad just because we were the ones losing sleep not her! Oh well, she's learning how to do right along with her mommy and daddy and we'll work on all these "new" things together!

I also did some "new firsts" this week as well. I had several outings by myself with Caroline! We met Heather and Morgan Kate one day at Harbison to do some shopping and I went to the grocery store on another day! I have to admit I was a bit nervous driving by myself- usally when we go somewhere Sam's driving and I'm in the back with Caroline but for these trips I was doing the driving and she sat in the back solo. Before the first excursion I put up sunshades and a mirror so that I could see her. Well, while I was driving down the road the mirror just fell right on off and landed on her feet- thank goodness it was a very light mirror and that it didn't wind up falling on her head! I didn't panic but was more nervous because I couldn't see her, but all turned out okay and I've figured that the mirror needs to be returned (it still won't stay put). I'm looking forward to going out more during the day with her! I'm hoping to make a visit to school to see my students!! They are going to love meeting Caroline! I've been writing notes to them on a piece of paper and placing it in front of Caroline for a picture! My long term sub says the children love getting notes from Caroline!

A note to mommy's students from me!

My first stroll around the block!

Morgan Kate and Caroline!

Our little sweet treat!

Aw- you are just so cutie!

You are a natural beauty!

Loves to go night-night! 34 Days!

5 Weeks Old and I could just squeeze those
cutie girl cheeks!

5 Weeks Old and swinging away while
humming to the music!

Little Pez Dispenser!