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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lots to Blog About...

Relay, Ballet, Orangeburg, Seven Weeks

This weekend was pretty busy but lots of fun!! On Friday, The Leviners headed on over to Lexington High School's Wildcat Hollow for Lexington's annual Relay for Life. My school has a team that particpates in the walk every year and WKES raised over 10,000 dollars for the cause. We saw lots of our "little" friends while there (see pics below) and we had so much fun!

On Saturday, our niece, Anna, had her ballet recital in Goose Creek. She did very well and was the best one in her class! Anna had so much fun and loved seeing all of her family cheer her on!

On Sunday, we met our family from Ohio for Bar-B-Que in Santee at a place called Lone Star- it was nice seeing all the family that could join us and catching up was so much fun!! We stayed with Caroline's Pops and Grand for the weekend and Caroline had such a good time being held and loved on by them!

Our little cute pie was seven weeks on Sunday! She's still giggling and laughing all the time! She's awake a lot more during the day and is still sleeping between five and six hours at night.

Caroline doesn't like being in her travel swing (it doesn't sit up) and sometimes she'll sit in her bouncey seat- so we were able to borrow a swing from a friend. This swing reclines and sits up and we wanted to see if Caroline would sleep in it during some naps during the day- she likes it so far but still wants to be held especially during daytime naps. She mostly listens to the music and watches the mobile that moves above her so sleeping in it is minimal.

Pray Request- I have a friend, Amy, that had her baby on last Friday, and his name is Evan. Evan is having some issues with breathing and is currently in the NICU at Richland. Please pray for Evan along with his parents, Amy and John, and big brother Thomas and big sister Sarah. To see who you're praying for here's Evan's blog link.

Happy Seven Weeks Caroline!

Caroline has found her thumb! Pops was so
proud of her and he says she'll be crawling soon (he, he)!!

Grand read to me all weekend! I loved it!

Pops loved holding me!

Melinda, Melissa, and Caroline in Santee at
Lone Star!

Anna- a little ballerina!

Natasha and Brycen loving on Caroline at Relay
for Life!

Allison and Michelle with Caroline! I love your
paper butterfly hat Michelle!!
Melissa and Caroline with Cortney and Sarah Ann!

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Anonymous said...

Caroline had a very busy weekend!! I am glad that she handled it so well!!

Sarah Ann likes to be held too--and I just enjoy it--she won't want to be held forever, so I better do it now!