"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy First Thanksgiving Caroline! This is our little "turkey"! We had a great time taking these pics. She's beginning to crawl so she was everywhere and getting into her books and trying to open up her drawers. I think at one point I broke out into a sweat trying to get her to look at the camera! Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving Caroline!

I'm crawling! Little girl doing big girl things!

Watching mommy chase me around my room is funny to me!

This was our Charleston find! I love this! It's alphabet
photography! I can't wait to get it framed and hung. Finding
just the right spot is going to be tricky. Love this!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Little girl is doing so many things and fast! Today when I went to pick up scoot scoot (yes I have so many names for her) from Leah's, she was sitting in a high chair feeding herself puffs and drinking apple juice (diluted of course) from a sippy cup. She was showing me that she was a big girl and even cried when I took the sippy cup from her becuase it was time to go home and start our Thanksgiving Holiday! I am so excited that we get to share this special holiday of thanks with Caroline. I remember last Thanksgiving when I was pregnant and I remember thinking man, next year is going to be so much fun having a little one! We are just looking forward to this week! Spending time with family and friends is what its all about!

Oh, and little Cinderella is beginning to hear the word no. She's starting to crawl and scoot everywhere and getting into everything. Time to remove the coffee table, huh! No more stuff lying around either...Sam will be glad (when all my stuff finally gets picked up).

Happy Thanksgiving to you!
Love and Prayers,
The Leviners

Monday, November 23, 2009

Our girl is growing, growing, growing! Caroline turned 34 weeks on Sunday and will be eight months on the 29th. She's a lot of fun and each day we love to see what she's up to!
The latest on Miss Caroline:
She weighs 17.5.
She loves all the baby food except carrots! She even likes prunes!
She's enjoying learning to eat Graduates Puffs, the texture is a little tricky!
Can crawl and is getting around pretty good!
She squeals, talks, laughs, giggles, and makes cute baby noises all the time including saying ma ma, da da, and ba ba!
She's a very happy little girl! One that has taught us grace, love, happiness, and patience!
She's already been sick twice. The first being with a low grade fever for three days a few weeks ago. The other, currently, a double ear infection. She never exhibitied any symptoms with the ear infection but a low grade fever and not being quite her happy self.
Got her first sunburn a few weeks ago at one of the band competitions. It was very mild and went away the next morning, thanks to a lot of aquaphor!
Loves to play with her sweet daddy right before bath time. I am going to attempt to post a video with she and her daddy soon. You'll love her giggles!
She loves to play with tags on her toys! She likes to play with anything bigger than she is like boxes, her car seat, or her bumbo seat!
She loves her paci! When she's wide open and exicted, we can give her, her pap pap and she's all of a sudden so calm! That thing does tricks!
We are looking forward to Thanksgiving and getting to spend it with her! She's such a little blessing! We have so much to be thankful for and we're praising Him for all of our blessings this holiday season!
Lately blogger has been acting up for me. My posts with pics look totally normal pre-post but after I post it there's a lot of space between the pics or the journaling is written on the sides of the pictures. Any suggestions for getting this fixed, anyone?

I am a looker!

And an observer!

And even a crawler!

Where are you going scoot scoot?
Here's the rest of the Charleston pics from Courtney's
Sweet 16 birthday weekend!

We're all in pink to celebrate Courtney's Sweet 16!
Little girls isn't sure she's willing to give up
this chair for a night in her stroller!
Calley, Courtney, and Victoria! Are you ready girls!!
All the girls!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Here's some more pictures of the band competition and of our Charleston trip. I have more to post!

Kelsey, Victoria, Calley, and Courtney!

Caroline taking her first crawl!

Caroline on her first carriage ride!

Courtney's shoes that her best friends bought and decorated
for her!
Little girl having fun!
Victoria, Calley, and Courtney at their 5A Band competition!
Ladies, you did an awesome job!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Here's the pictures from the band competition. I couldn't get the Charleston pictures to load tonight so I'll post those as soon as I can! Also, blogger isn't letting me type the journaling directly under the picture (its always something!).
Courtney loving on her Caroline after her band's first
Kelsey and Caroline!
Grandmother and Caroline!
Say Cheese Caroline!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The last two weekends have been a lot of fun for The Leviners! Weekend before last we all headed to Orangeburg to see my niece compete in the 5A Band competition. Boiling Springs High placed second, but man did they do a good job! Courtney, you're awesome!

Last weekend we celebrated Courtney's Sweet 16 in Charleston. Courtney invited 2 precious friends and we had so much fun! I will post pics soon..promise! We shopped in the market, ate tons of yummy food, bought pralines (can't go to Charleston without stopping by and buying those things), took a carriage ride, and ate birthday cake. We surprised Courtney with a fun filled Saturday night with sweet 16 attire! Promise I'll post the pics soon. We got a new camera and I've got to use the memory card reader to open them on our computer! Can't wait for you to see all the fun we had!

Love and Prayers,
The Leviners

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November is national Prematurity Awareness month. Today I am going to blog about three babies that I know firsthand were born premature and that The Leviners love very much.
I have to admit that before August 24, 2008 I didn't know much about premature babies. In fact I didn't know anyone that gave birth to a preemie baby. What I did know was preemies were born early, were very small, had low birth weight, were tiny in length, and could have complications. I did know about the March of Dimes, my mother use to walk the annual walk, but I never fully understood their cause until last spring.
On August 24, 2008, my dear and close friend Heather gave birth to her daughter, Morgan Kate Callahan. Morgan Kate was born at 25 weeks gestation, that's 15 weeks early. Morgan Kate remained in the NICU from August 24th until December (don't remember exact date however it was in early December when she was able to come home). Because of the risks I didn't get to see Morgan Kate in person until February and this was only through the living room window of her home. Her sweet daddy held her up so that my niece, Courtney and I could take a peak at her. I did get to see her in person on Friday, March 27th, two days before Caroline was born! This was a special day for me..to see Morgan Kate. As I left my OB's office that morning I was thinking about Morgan Kate and Heather. I called her and asked if I could come see her and Morgan Kate and she said come on out! I got to see precious Morgan Kate and precious she continues to be!
When Caroline was four weeks old I joined the Callahans and the Hardisons and their friends for my first walk in the March of Dimes. After seeing all the posters and signs of babies that were born premature I felt immensely blessed to have a full term baby. I just didn't realize the severity of premature births.
Charlie and Anna Claire Henson's parents are our Sunday School teachers. Charlie and Anna Claire were born at 30 weeks, in March 7, 2009, making them 10 weeks early. They remained in the NICU until the end of May.
What I have learned and continue to learn about little babies like Morgan Kate Callahan and Charlie and Anna Claire Henson , is that a lot of research and support comes from The March of Dimes, so join me in helping raise money for research and awareness for the cause!
Morgan Kate's first day of life! 1 lb 12 ounces
Morgan Kate is almost 15 months old!
Morgan Kate continues to amaze her family and
those that love her each and everyday!
Charlie Henson's first day of life!
Anna Claire's first day of life!
The twins now at 8 months!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Halloween Pictures!
Here's Caroline on Halloween! I've included her fall pictures as well! Check out the one of her licking the pumpkin! We had so much fun on Halloween with her! Enjoy!