"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy 1/2 Birthday Caroline!

Happy 1/2 Birthday sweet baby Caroline! We are so amazed at how much joy Caroline has brought into our lives. We love her more and more everyday! Here's what she's up to:
1. Sits up- but is still wibbly wobbly
2. Reaches out arms for you to hold her
3. Gums are very firm- so we're waiting to see teeth buds

These past six months have flown by. It seems like yesterday the doctor was handing her to me for the very first time. Those emotions are so vivid! Enjoy the pictures- I've included a few of my favorites since birth! Notice I say just a few- I have so many!

Just born! March 29, 2009

Sleepy little baby!

Love to watch her sleep!

She's been laughing out loud since she was
three days old!

How sweet!!

There's another sweet laugh!

This is how we began Caroline's Day today!

Getting ready for Leah's!

Have to have my pap pap and my

This was my afternoon with mommy:

Here I am laughing away!

Still having fun!

My mommy loves this outfit on me!
Giraffes are her favorite!

Getting those toes!

And those fingers!

Always smiling!

This was our evening:
Mommy read me all these books! I
like books just like her!

Still smiling as daddy gives me a bath!
I am learning to splash!

Her footprints at birth! They are
3 inches long!

Caroline's footprints at 3 months! They are
measuring 3.25 inches long!

Caroline's footprints at 6 months! They are
measuring 3.50 inches long!
We go for her six month check up on Thursday! Stay tuned for new stats!
Throughout the month of October I am going to post clues for Caroline's Halloween costume! This is going to be fun! We dressed her up today and took so many fun pictures! Can't wait for you to guess at what she'll be for her very first Halloween!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

"...Either Way, I win!"

This is how David's quote ends. Faith! David has it!! David and Elizabeth are members of our Sunday School class at LBC. David has had a rare brain tumor for the last seven years but of the last two it has started to grow. With this past year being a year of tests, observations, and several visits to John Hopkins, David's faith has not wavered. The tumor is located in a very sensitive part of his brain. One of the complications from his tumor is that it's pressing on the back of his eyes and he's had visual disturbances for quite some time. Well, Thursday a week ago David had surgery at John's Hopkins to remove part of the tumor. The doctors believe they got 65-70% percent. They could not get it all because of where it was located and David knew this before sugery. Now the doctors are waiting on biopsies of the tumor to determine if radiation is needed- this can only be done once- the series of radiation. Over the last year one wouldn't know David even had a tumor. His outlook has been very positive, he laughs just the same, and is always smiling. David's surgery was expected to last 5 to 6 hours but instead it lasted 2.5. The surgery went well and he's well on his way to a great recovery. We are still praying for you David and Elizabeth! We love you! Here's David's entire quote! He has FAITH!

"As strange as it may seem, I am actually happy for the decision for surgery. First of all, as a Christian, I have been at peace with this entire journey. The way I look at it, as long as I continue to live, I get to stay here with my beautiful, incredible wife, but if God chooses otherwise, I go to Heaven to live with my Savior! Either way, I win!"- David Tucker

" And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must be believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him." Hebrews 11:6

Thank you David for being an example of faith for all of us!

Here's some pics of Caroline! She turns six months old on tomorrow!

Sleeping Beauty! 26 weeks old!

Sitting in my high chair for the first time! I love

my thumb!

Sucking her big girl thumb!

What are you people doing! Feed
me already!

Scoot Scoot!

Playing with daddy on the couch!

I am sitting up! I love my new toy!

Love my feet!

My shirt says, "My name is Princess
What's Yours?"

So, happy all the time!

Getting ready to go shopping with
mommy and daddy!

I am sitting up for the very first time!
Sept. 22nd! I am a little bit wibbly wobbly!

I am making a second attempt-
Here I go! Ya'll watching!

Just trying in out!

I'm getting it!

There- YEAH!!

Sweet little girl! Happy 25 weeks!

I love to play with these nesting cups!

Just precious!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Today is my niece Courtney's Sweet 16! Happy Birthday Courtney! We love you and can't wait for your fun weekend in Charleston!
With school well under way The Leviners are semi adjusted to our new routines. Getting up at 5 am to begin the day is overwhelming, (I do like my 8 hours) but I am getting use to it. I am non stop until 7 am- this is when I get to school. The drive to Leah's is relaxing for me- I finally get to sit and not feel so rushed. I have also rediscovered my wedding cd and have been listening to that (when she is not "talking" to me) on the way to dropping Caroline off- fun stuff! Caroline has started to wake up in the night again- this hasn't happened since she was nine weeks, but some have told me that she might be going through a growth spurt! I took her to the doctor last week and she weighed 15 lbs 8 ozs and was 26 1/4 inches (did I already post this?). The doctor has said she's going to be tall- no wonder she's waking me up!! So we're slowly but surely getting all these things figured out- I do have to say that being a working mom with an infant is especially hard, but I don't mind because "It Won't Be Long Like This" and I want to remember everything about Caroline- EVERYTHING!
We are still amazed at all the things she's doing. As I was giving her a bath last night I noticed that she was sucking her two middle fingers instead of her thumb! I told her that she can only suck her thumb while pulling them out of her mouth- she of course just laughed at me (although I sucked my index finger for a very LONG time).
We are working on sitting up! When I try letting her sit up by herself she just leans way forward- her head almost touches her toes! I am not trying to rush her (not ready for her to be mobile yet either)...but Dr. T wants her sitting up at her 6 mos check up! We'll see what the next few weeks bring!
I am tired, forgetful, and all blogged out (according to coworkers you don't get those precious brain cells back either- I think I believe them).

Happy 24 weeks you precious baby girl!

One of my favorite things to do is laugh!

Playing in daddy's truck after shopping!

Helping mommy work in her classroom!

Playing! Playing! Playing away!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Family Fun Weekend!
This weekend we had our annual end of summer cookout! We enjoyed having our family over and the kids seem to have so much fun playing in the water as well as playing other games with their Uncle Sam! I wasn't able to post all the pictures but I have posted a lot of them! We had too much fun!
On Monday, we took Caroline to the zoo! The weather was very nice so we took advantage! The zoo however was very crowded but nonetheless we had a great time!

Caroline enjoying the zoo!

Daddy and Caroline!

Mommy and Caroline!!

Ready for the zoo!

Happy 23 weeks happy girl!

I love how happy she is!

Holding on to something and having
in her mouth is one of her favorite
things to do!

Having fun at our end of summer cookout!

Loving on my girl!


The Leviners!

Grand and Caroline!

Aunt Rhonda!

Angela, Jason, Anna, Silas, and

Christian, Missi, and Samantha

Ashley and MacKenzie

Melissa, Angela, and Missi

Anna and Samantha

Granny and Caroline!

Pops and Caroline! Yes, you are seeing
correctly. She is wearing one of her Halloween
costumes! Aunt Rhonda brought her Caroline
so many goodies and she wanted to make sure
that the costumes would fit! This was so funny
seeing as if it was hot and in September!

Franklin splashin'!




Courtney and Miss Priss!

Kelsey! Caroline loves her new
teether! Thank you Grandmother-
this is the only one she likes!!