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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy 1/2 Birthday Caroline!

Happy 1/2 Birthday sweet baby Caroline! We are so amazed at how much joy Caroline has brought into our lives. We love her more and more everyday! Here's what she's up to:
1. Sits up- but is still wibbly wobbly
2. Reaches out arms for you to hold her
3. Gums are very firm- so we're waiting to see teeth buds

These past six months have flown by. It seems like yesterday the doctor was handing her to me for the very first time. Those emotions are so vivid! Enjoy the pictures- I've included a few of my favorites since birth! Notice I say just a few- I have so many!

Just born! March 29, 2009

Sleepy little baby!

Love to watch her sleep!

She's been laughing out loud since she was
three days old!

How sweet!!

There's another sweet laugh!

This is how we began Caroline's Day today!

Getting ready for Leah's!

Have to have my pap pap and my

This was my afternoon with mommy:

Here I am laughing away!

Still having fun!

My mommy loves this outfit on me!
Giraffes are her favorite!

Getting those toes!

And those fingers!

Always smiling!

This was our evening:
Mommy read me all these books! I
like books just like her!

Still smiling as daddy gives me a bath!
I am learning to splash!

Her footprints at birth! They are
3 inches long!

Caroline's footprints at 3 months! They are
measuring 3.25 inches long!

Caroline's footprints at 6 months! They are
measuring 3.50 inches long!
We go for her six month check up on Thursday! Stay tuned for new stats!
Throughout the month of October I am going to post clues for Caroline's Halloween costume! This is going to be fun! We dressed her up today and took so many fun pictures! Can't wait for you to guess at what she'll be for her very first Halloween!

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Cortney said...

Such a cute idea about the halloween costume--I can't wait to find out what she is going to be :)

I love the pictures and the hairbow!! Precious!! :)

Hope y'all are doing great! Miss you!