"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Here's clues, 4, 5, 6, and then a sweet surprise!
My Hair Accessory!

My pink onesie!

My tutu!

Me, playing dressup!

My Happy Girl!

My sweet look!

I'm gonna getcha look!

My precious look!

My hey look at me look!

My serious look!

My what did I do look!

My did I do that look!

My this is what I am all the time look!

My sweet, pretty, lookin' like my mama look!
Happy seven months baby girl!

My scootin' look!

In case you've already guessed! I am going to be a
Fairy for Halloween! Congrats to Kathy and Mom
for guessing right!

My first Halloween card from my fine fun Aunt and
first cousins, Courtney and Kelsey!

Practicing with my sippy cup!

I am a Sweet Mess!

Check out these very cute hairbows! My sister in law's
sister in law makes them! The website will be up
Caroline is still running a low grade fever! I think she's teething! She took most of these pictures today! She did a great job! You wouldn't know she felt a little bit blue by her big smiles and giggles!

Little girl was feeling a bit under the weather last night and today (so hence no new clues for the Halloween costume last night..maybe today). When I picked her up from Leah's yesterday I noticed her eyes watering. She slept an extra hour yesterday afternoon when I brought her home and then her temp at one point was 100.8 under the arm so it was actually 101.8. We called the doctor and at the nurse's request was told to not bring her in and that it could be one of three things..a cold, an ear infection, or her teething. I am thinking the latter because of all her drooling recently and this morning when we woke her up. She was fever free this am but she'd been given Motrin in the night to help bring it down. So be thinking of little C today!
Love and Prayers,
The Leviners

P.S. Michelle Leviner..Sam couldn't find the model look alike of me on "America's Next Top Model" episode last night. Was this a bad thing? (He,He)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Quick Post!! Yes, I am going to post clues 4, 5, and 6 for C's Halloween costume tonight for all those anxious to see what she's going to be! It's report card time and its taken me a while to get those ready! Also, I'll have new sippy cup pics! Yes, our little girl tried sipping from another friend's sippy cup by accident at Leah's on last Friday, and she did very well. So we bought some this past weekend! Just to let you know I am not trying to rush her at all but I'm just exposing her to it!
More to come!!
Oh and I hear that I have a look alike on tonight's America's Next Top Model! I shall see tonight at 8:00!

The Leviners

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween Clue #3! Two people have guessed right for what
Caroline's going to be for Halloween!


Yeah! I finally found the squeaker!

Monday, October 19, 2009

This past weekend was a lot of fun with our little Caroline! She's sitting up more and more and she loves it. We did a little shopping this weekend so that's why a lot of these pics are of her in her carseat! She never minds being in her seat!
Also she's "talking"! She hasn't yet learned that word "mama" but she sure calls for her daddy! She's saying "da da da da" all the time! She doesn't of course know what's she saying but we're enjoying it! It's so funny! Sam just gave her bath and he said she was saying "ba ba ba ba" as he was singing to her while bathing her. I haven't heard that one yet!
Caroline is getting a new second cousin on tomorrow! We can't wait to hear if the baby is a boy or a girl! We'll keep you updated!
The first time I wore my coat!

My mama couldn't wait to put me in these
new pj's! She loves that they have feet in them!
I love them too!

Sleepy little girl!

Look at me!

Monday, October 12, 2009

In my rushed blogging I forgot to post C eating baby food for the very first time! Friday, October 2nd, C had squash! She loved it and wanted more afterwards but I only gave her half the container because I wanted to try to take the solids very slowly- I think that part was for me, not her!! I still can't accept how fast my little girl is growing!

Gimme Gimme some food mama!

What's taken you so long mama?

Yummy! I love this stuff!

Hey, where'd it go!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Leviners had a great weekend! On Friday night we took Caroline to our photographer to have her six month pictures taken! I can't wait to share the link with you all in a few weeks. Patty Hallman has been our photographer since we got married in '06 and we love having her take our family photos!

Now that the weather has gotten a little cooler I can now think "Fall". This weekend we bought Caroline her first little pumpkin and today I decorated it purple and black! We also took pictures of her with pumpkins and other fun fall things but we'll reveal those later!! We call her Cackleline since she's always laughing so her first little pumpkin says "Happy Cackleween"! We had so much fun taking her "fall" pictures today! She loved her little pumpkin!

Need I say more about our sweet Caroline!

This precious little girl just loves her sweet daddy!

Halloween Clue number two! Baby pink tights!

My kids at school are even guessing what C's
going to be for Halloween from these pictures
and one has already guessed it right, but I'm not
telling them which one! I've gotten some great guesses
from you all too- so keep e-mailing me or leave a
comment on the blog about your guess for C's
Halloween costume!

Back the truck up! Ladies and Gentleman we have a new blogger! My dear friend Raven and her husband Makoto are expecting their first baby in May (May 21st to be exact). Raven is going to blog about their sweet journey so go on over to Raven and Makoto's blog to read about Baby Yonemura!

Update on C's stats! I recently blogged about C's six month doctor's appt. Her stats at the time weren't correct but I didn't catch it at the time of the appt. I took her back the next day and we now have the correct stats!

Weight: 15.10 (this stayed the same) Height: 26 3/4 Head Circumference: 16 1/4

More news soon so stay in touch!

Love and Prayers, The Leviners

Monday, October 05, 2009

Band Fun!

On Saturday, scoot scoot and I headed to Rock Hill to see my niece, Courtney perform in her band competition (Sam has been under the weather since last Friday so he was unable to go, and we missed him). This is the second year that I've gone to Rock Hill to see her perform and like last year, this year was a lot of fun! Last year when I went I was pregnant with Caroline- this year when I went Caroline was right there- laughing and having a ball.
Its fun to see how hard these kids have worked since last summer to prepare for events like band competition. I am not musically inclined, nor did I have a desire to be in the band when I was in high school- it didn't seem that much of a big deal. But, after seeing (first hand a couple of summer's ago) and hearing Courtney practice day in and day out extensively since July- even when the weather was so hot- I have a new appreciation for musical instruments. I mean I've always liked how they sound- the saxaphone, (which my other niece Kelsey plays) the trumpet, or even the flute, but never knew how invloved or detailed or studious one has to be in order to get the notes right as well marching at the same time- something for those that are very coordinated- like I said it was not for me!
Courtney is truly inspirational- when she first started the marching band- some days were more strenuous than others, some days the marching became tricky, and not to mention the music being a little difficult to play- all this during band camp- marching and playing over and over until perfected. Most people- I may add- including me- would have given up and easily moved on to something less cumbersome- but no not Courtney! She pursued a challenge and by the end of the first season she continued to love practicing, playing, and performing in the band. I said all this to say- that my favorite part of watching her band walk out onto that field to perform is knowing that all of her hard work and determination is seen- she makes up one part of something very big- she contributes to the whole and she makes a difference! As they are waiting to be called out onto the field something just comes over me- can't explain it- I don't know if its because my niece is out there and is part of a very large band or if its the excitement of hearing her band play or even being nervous for her band because they are competing but I become so emotional. As I see them stepping into place before coming onto the field my thoughts are of how proud I am of her and her hard work- and it could be this that makes me so teary eyed. Whatever the reason- I love going to her band competitions! Next year, Courtney will be a senior and her little sister will be a freshman- both will be competiting at the same time- I better take some Kleenex, huh!

C's new thing- playing with tags and ribbon!

Courtney loving on her C after a great performance!

Caroline laughing with her Uncle D!

C is all dolled up for the competition!

C is playing in her bumbo in the stadium! You
guys- when do I get to hear my cousin play!

Playing away!

The pefect spot for me to play- in the shade!

Me and my Nanny!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

6 Month Check up!
Caroline had her six month check up today! She's such a big girl! She handled her shots okay- she did cry but afterwards she and I cuddled! Here are her stats, however, I don't think they are correct. I will call tomorrow and have them recheck them. As I was looking at her 4 month stats and even her weight from her last weigh in (Aug 8th) things just don't add up. But I am going to post today's stats and will update you for I am sure they are going to change.
Weight: 15 lbs 10 ozs (50th) (August 8th she was 15 8- today she wouldn't lay her head completely down so I do think this is why her weight is off)
Height- 25 1/4 (40th) (August 8th she measured 26 1/4- Sam thought this was funny considering she didn't shrink)
Head Circumference- 10 1/4 (20th) (now at her four month check up her head Circumference was 15 3/4 and at birth it was 13)
These things do not add up..either she was measured wrong at the 4 month check up as well as the August 8th or vice versa. Can't wait to get her re checked.

Having some fun time with daddy!

Forget the thumb! I can suck two
fingers at once!

She loves her bumbo!

So much that she just giggles and

until she's about to fall over from

Love those sweet smiles!

She's wanting to "stand" up!

Here is where you start guessing at what you think Caroline's going to be for Halloween. I will post a new clue each week!

Clue # 1: Mama's Pearls!