"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Everyone has a favorite spot in their house where they like to sit. I have one. I most like sitting on the left hand side of our couch with our USC blanket thrown across my lap. I like to read in this same spot, journal here, drink a coke here, read to Miss C here, and even in the school year, grade papers here. Well, Miss C has found hers. Its on the armchair of our loveseat. This spot looks outside when the blinds are opened. She tells me when AmyCopper is home or if Mitch is on his motorcycle. She tells me when she sees a dog going by or if Madison is playing. She also tells me when daddy's home and often asks "is daddy here", "is he coming back". I love how Miss C finds her niche (even if its looking at the world on an armchair of a loveseat) or is interested in what's happening around her. Her personality blooms daily!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

This is the result of my sweet sweet neighbor, Amy, calling me after church declaring that Babies R US had a $5.00 diaper special. When she asked what I wanted, which brand, style, etc, I didn't hesitate to say, size 5 with whatever brand has the most in the pack. She came home bringing to my house 6 bags of the Fisher Price diapers along with 3 bags of pull ups! The rest are hers all 17! We are potty training Miss C (have been, might I add, since the first of June). She wears diapers only at night and in extreme emergencies (when we are out and about and have used all the pull ups in her satchee). We are not diaper brand specific but I have come to love Target diapers. Their sizes run bigger so she's a 4 in the Target brand but in national brands she's a 5. The bigger the diaper size the less diapers in the box. Thanks Amy!
For Amy the diaper deal was BOGO on the Huggies jean diapers. She got two bags for $7.50! Deal! The Babies R US diaper special ends tomorrow!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

On Tuesday we were fashionably late to storytime so C and I waited at the tables and played, colored, and read books while we waited for our friends to come out of storytime! One of the items that C loved was this real play telephone! She ran over to it, picked it up, and yelled "Mommy I'm calling Nicholals"! She was so excited about the thought of getting to "talk" on the telephone to her new baby cousin!  Like I said in a previous post, this little girl has such an imagination!

Friday, July 22, 2011

There is nothing like a fun time outdoors! This little one loves being outside. I think she wouldn't mind if it were raining or hailing either (she doesn't care too much for snow) as long as she gets some play QT (quality time) outside. She runs around looking at everything and gets into everything. I wouldn't change not one thing about this fun girl (well, the terrible two's, maybe). She brings so much joy into our lives and we are blessed beyond measure to have her as our daughter!

I said all that to say that right after this adorable picture was taken of her picking and eating a tomato from daddy's garden that she gave us a really big scare. She began running and playing around the backyard as usual. Then she squatted down to see what she thought was a white egg and before we knew it she put "the white egg" in her mouth. It was not a "white egg" but a white mushroom. We immediately called poison control who informed me that white mushrooms are most toxic and suggested getting her to the ER so that they could give her a dose of charcoal. Urgent Care was closer and not knowing the severity of eating the mushroom we thouht this was our best option. C seemed sleepy but fine. We kept her awake and after somewhat being quickly seen (no one seems to be in a panic when they are fine) she was diagnosed as being to good and healthy to be sick. Dr.'s orders were for us to keep her awake the next two hours (that would be until midnight) and to give her prune juice (she ate the mushroom at 8:45). We were up until midnight and still two days later that half sippy cup of prune juice still hasn't taken effect. Dr. W did call an hour after we'd left to check on her and she was fine. In fact, she had just downed a good bit of mini vanilla wafers and some of that awful prune juice. We were also outside, once again, talking to our neighbors who'd come over to check on Miss C, this time we were in the driveway away from anything that was edible or what appeared to be to her!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This picture is absolutley hilarious of our girl! She has such an imagination. Right before she put on the horse purse hat and began riding her "horsey" we were watching a movie on tv that had motorcycles and the guys were wearing their helmets. Then C, laying on the floor, grabbed and put the horse purse hat on her head and, said "motorcycle", then she grabbed her horsey and began running around the room. What I really wish I had a picture to show you is of Sam doing the same exact thing. He also put on her pink and girl blue horse purse hat and began riding the horsey too (this was all for fun for Miss C who laughed her head off at her daddy). That was about the funniest moment and it will be forever etched in my mind. You should have seen the hysteria in my house at that moment, Sam running wildly with all of C's getup. I don't think C and I have ever laughed that hard at daddy! I was very close to getting that one on film, man! Now that would have been a great clip to add to a future birthday slideshow.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Every Tuesday in the summer, the members of my first grade team (those moved on to other sister schools including), gather for lunch. These are fun lunch dates usually held in a restaurant of choice. Everybody brings their children and/or grandchildren for a little bite to eat and a whole lot of fun! Recently we had a Tuesday luncheon at Michelle's. Most of our team was out of town or wasn't able to come for this date, and we missed them, but had fun nonetheless! I had my niece Courtney and Michelle had her niece Cameron so the girls had a lof of company! Miss C loved Ms. Michelle's waterpool!
C and C!

Cameron, Allie, Courtney, and Caroline!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nicholas Reid and Nataleigh Ann Page have arrived!
Nicholas was born at 1:41 pm weighing 4 lbs 15 ozs. His twin sister, Nataleigh, was born at 1:43 pm weighing 5 lbs 15 ozs!
Nicholas and Nataleigh!
The twins are absolutely beautiful and perfect!

The Page family!

Nataleigh Ann!

Nicholas Reid!

One proud Aunt!

Little Melinda!

Monday, July 11, 2011

This sweet sister has a big day tomorrow not only will she be 36 weeks pregnant but she also gets to welcome her twins, Nicholas and Nataleigh, into this world! We are all super excited about meeting these precious babies and getting to love on our newest family members. Nicholas will be our first boy baby in our family since our daddy! Nataleigh will make girl number 8!

These are their carseats! Aren't they adorable!
They were special made for the sweet little ones!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ever since I could remember, celebrating the 4th of July has been a big deal in my family for two reasons. One, we celebrate our nation's birthday! Two, my grandfather (Paw-Paw) was also born on July 4th, although he's dancing in heaven right now on two very good legs! I still remember celebrating his birthday every 4th of July on a lake near my grandparent's. It was family reunion style kind of celebration. Everybody from everywhere that was of kin showed up to celebrate these two very special occasions! It was fun and I can still smell all of those delicious delicacies. We no longer celebrate the 4th on the lake near my grandparent's, but my mom has continued the tradition. We look forward to it every year knowing that we are still going to eat some really good food and the hayride will defintely happen among other things!

 Miss C running on the slip-n-slide!

The little cousins: Blake, Daniel, Dylan, & C!

The two C's!

This is one funny little girl!

Giving Aunt Rhonda all of her kisses!


Nanny fixed this "waterpool" for Miss C
but she didn't want anything to do with it
until she saw the boys' slip-n-slide!

The hayride!

She wants to be just like her daddy when she grows up!

Sam, C, and Uncle Mac!

C's first sparkler! Happy 4th!
Side note: C doesn't always wear her pj's! We thought we were done with our evening and she'd had a bath, but our neighbors brought out their fireworks late and so more fun was to be had! She also has more pj's than this frog/princess pair (2 more to be exact, ha). I think I posted some of her at camp in her pj's. Those were taken late one night and early the next am! 

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Hoping you are having a great summer!


"Look mommy, look at my sunshades"!

Friday, July 01, 2011

What have The Leviners been up to so far in the summer of two-oh-one-one? Well, we've been quite the busy family with VBS, church camp, playdates, storytime, southern saving, visiting with family and friends, getting ready for the birth of my twin sister's twins, lunchdates, and potty training to name just a few things we've gotten into this summer!
So here's our latest fun starting with USC's Baseball National Championship Parade!

This "van" was my fav in the parade today (yes it beat out Sir Big Spur)! I think it was because of the license plate and all of the Gamecock logos!

It was just so cutie!

Here comes the National Champions!

Morgan Kate was just too funny with these glasses!

Kelsey and Miss Caroline!

The girls!

Most evenings C wants to go out and play in what she calls her waterpool! She never stays in it for very long but I think she just loves putting on her bathing suit and being outside!

I love church camp! We go every year and always have the very best time. This year was interesting. C is older and every morning before the am service she would ask me if she was going to "her church", meaning children's church. She loved meeting new friends and seeing the ones she met at last year's camp.
On last Saturday night, we had an ice cream social and C loved it. Courtney was able to join us on that night and she had a great time as well. I look forward to going to camp every year. The atmosphere is refreshing and I love learning how to follow Him and serve Him!

Miss C enjoying her ice cream at the social!

Courtney, Anna, Angie, Michelle, Caroline
Ronda, Ms. Debra, and Me

Doodle loved sitting on this watermelon!
She thought it was put there just for her!

Granny and Miss C calling it a day!

Ladies and Gentleman, I think we have a beauty queen in the making! She is saying "hello mommy" as she's waving!

This is how I found Miss C one morning as I was
getting ready for the am service! She's ready
to go to "her church"!

Caroline and Nanny at Aunt Melinda's surprise baby shower!

I know, I know! Caroline is not going to like me for posting this pic, but potty training has been a big deal around our house! We've been "practicing" using the potty for oh about four weeks now. She's good about using her potty if you remind her about every twenty minutes but just in the last two days she has told me "I gotta potty mommy". So I'm thinking we are making progress! I'll keep you posted!

So as you can tell, we are having a busy but very fun summer! I'm so thankful for family and friends! Spending time together is just so special!