"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ansleigh Marie Creel's First Birthday!

Yummy! I love cake!

You mean I get to dig in it!

Having my cake and eating it too!

Yoo-hoo Ansleigh where are you?

It's all gone mommy!

I am one happy baby!

Me with mommy and daddy!

Just me and mamma!

Melissa and Michelle!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

We're Expecting!
This was a very exciting day for both me and Sam! We found out today that we're going to be a mommy and a daddy! In anticipation I wanted to know right away when I'd become pregnant. So I starting testing and took my first pregnancy test on July 9th! I told Sam to not be disappointed if it were negative because a lot of couples don't become pregnant on their first time of trying. So after taking the test and waiting the desired 3 minutes for the results it read negative. So a couple of days later, still hopeful that I could be pregnant, I took yet another test and it was also negative. Oh well, I said to myself it'll be when its meant to be! On July 13th I decided to take a third test. I took the test gave it a glance and thought surely if I were 10 days along it'd be positive. After glancing at it and seeing one very dark line I thought okay we'll try again next month and laid the test on bar in our bathroom. Little did I know that on the 14th I'd be in for a happy surprise. On this day I woke up and happened to walk over to where I placed the test and took a double take! To my surprise there was a very dark line and a very faint 2nd one. YEAH! I immediately called Sam at work and told him that there was for sure a second line. He was so excited and said, " Phew, I've got to sit down". I told him that I'd take another test to be sure. I called my sister, Rhonda, next and she said that she already knew that I was pregnant (apparently I described some symptoms to her earlier in the week). So, to be sure, I went out and bought two more tests all of which returned negative. I was a little disappointed because one test showed pregnant and these were telling me that I wasn't. But I still had hope becuause I know there are more false negatives than false positives!!
So today, July 19th, after an all day make up session with my oldest sister Rhonda in Spartanburg, Rhonda, Kelsey, and I drove to Myrtle Beach where we'd be meeting Sam. After being three days late I couldn't wait to take yet another test. I had a cheap one with me so I took it and saw another more revealing second faint line. I told Sam that he had to get me to Walgreens to get me a real one- the digital kind that say "Pregnant" or "Not Pregnant". In excitment I put the other test in my pocket and we were off to Walgreens to buy the "real test". The pregnancy tests were locked in a glass case at the particular Walgreens that we were at so as the girl was unlocking the case I showed her the test in my pocket. She said, "looks positive to me"! We came back to our condo, I took the test and within a minute we saw that I was defintely pregnant! Sam started jumping around saying "we're going to have a baby". It was such a sweet moment for the two of us! We can't wait to see what the next nine months are going to bring for us!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Melissa and Sam enjoying the ride!

Melissa and Heather!


Mommy and Daddy to be!

Raven and Koto!
Melissa and Sam

Supper Club- 7.11.08
Last night was a blast! We had supper club hosted by the Callahans, who are expecting their very first baby December 3rd! This was going to be a very special supper club occasion! Heather and Travis found out on July 9th what they were having and they were going to reveal the sex of their baby to us last night when the "supper club" arrived at their house. In a very special presentation they told Raven, Koto, Sam, and I that they're having a baby girl and her name would be Morgan Kate (well we knew the names they picked out for either a boy or girl baby but we didn't know what the baby would just yet be)!! Raven and I assumed it would be a baby girl according to the ultrasound picture Heather posted on her blog on Thursday! We were just thrilled and happy at the same time and screamed in excitment when the baby's sex was revealed! Then for supper club the Callahans took us on Lake Murray in their boat to eat at the Rusty Anchor! It was so much fun and very delicious!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Rhonda's hot and smiling!

Mom, Homer, Kelsey, PC, and Woody!

Dylan and Blake eating and loving the ice cream cake!

M and M!

Scottie, Candi, Collin, and Maddie!

Daniel, Kayla, Kelsey, Blake, Dylan, and Adam!

Kelsey, Melinda, and Keith!
On Saturday, for July 4th weekend we went to my parents house in Chester! It was many celebrations into one! We celebrated Independence Day, my sister Rhonda's birthday, my niece Kelsey's birthday, and my stepsister Tracey's birthday! We cooked out burgers and hotdogs (yum, yum) on the new grill on my parent's new deck and ate lots of desserts. We had icecream cake made by mom and other treats including snow cones made especially for the children. My parents had all but two of their grandchildren present. It was so much fun eating, relaxing, and catching up with everybody. We even had some animals in our midst- ants, flies, spiders- the usual, but mom and PC have quite a few animals that you like to have around including Homer- the dog and Woody their horse! We had such a good time and I was glad that we were all able to come together and celebrate the many special occasions in this month!