"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy First Birthday Morgan Kate Callahan!

Here's Caroline wishing her friend Morgan Kate a very happy first birthday! We love you Morgan Kate and I know that you celebrated your first birthday in a very big way today!

Wow, this week already has been super busy! I seem to be making lists for my lists and still can't seem to get things crossed off fast enough... but nevertheless I'll get them accomplished! We had a great weekend and we're looking forward to another one coming up. We have four parties to attend with three being on Saturday and we're looking forward to all the fun we're going to be having!! Caroline is already ready...

Caroline doing her toe touches! She must be

thinking about being a cheerleader!

I am on the hospitality committee

for my Sunday School class and I

made these welcoming jars to give to visitors!

Rhonda gave me this idea and she actually

does it with her whole church! She has so many great


Here's what the front says!

Now how can I hold onto both toys and play

with them at the same time?

I am scooting!

Still love my thumb!

Playing in paper (they are actually old receipts).

Sunday, August 16, 2009

"I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you,..."
Philippians 1:3-4

"How Great Thou Art" was the hymn that the congregation sang right before Caroline's dedication. As we were singing the infamous verses I couldn't help but to get teary eyed and think "How Great Thou Art" truly is. Throughout the whole song I was thinking once again of how blessed I am to be holding my sweet Caroline and as the words flowed all I could think of was how much of a miracle- a gift from God Caroline really is and I will forever praise Him for her!

Caroline also turned twenty weeks old today! And I've listed the special "20's" about her in this blog! So to add to the list of "20's" I am going to list 20 things that I love about Caroline!
I Love:
1. That she was born healthy and continues to grow each day!
2. How she's been smiling since the day she was born and laughing out loud since she was three
days old.
3. Her birth month! We share the same birth month and our birthdays differ by six days.
4. How happy she is ALL THE TIME.
5. How sweet and clean she smells after a bath.
6. How she cuddles and snuggles me before going to sleep.
7. Her baby noises.
8. The sound of how she "talks", laughs, giggles, and squeals (especially when she wakes up).
9. The smile on her face when she sees me or Sam for the first time in the mornings
(or in the afternoons when picking her up from Leah's).
10. How she pats us on the legs or arms when she's sitting on our laps.
11. How excited she gets when we read to her.
12. The special moments she shares with her daddy (especially when I'm not looking kind)!
13. That she looks exactly like her mommy!
14. That she has her daddy's sweet sweet personality and that she has quite the personality!
15. Knowing that I can comfort her and its me that she only wants when she needs to be
16. The joy that she's brought into our lives as well as our families.
17. That God chose us to be her parents!
18. The extra twinkle that God gave her in her right eye!
19. The color of her hair and eyes.
20. The look she gives when letting us know that we've made her the happiest!

On August 16th, at 20 weeks old, Caroline was dedicated!

The bracelet Grand & Pops bought for her

The rose that we placed in the church to honor
her dedication.

Pastor Mike Turner introducing Caroline to
the congregation!

Caroline never took her eyes off of Pastor Mike!

Showing the congregation our Sweet Caroline
after we promised to raise her in a Godly home!

Praying for us and our little family!

Afterwards Caroline got a little Bible, a
dedication certificate, and a sealed envelope
which she is to open on the day she accepts Jesus
into her heart!

Maw-Maw and Caroline!

PC and Nanny!

Kelsey and Courtney!

Granddaddy and Granny!

Pops and Grand!

Proud parents!

The Leviners!

20 weeks ago on March 29th we welcomed
Caroline Faye Leviner into our little family!

On November 6th, 20 weeks before she was born
we found out that we were having a girl!

20 weeks before we found out we were having
a girl we found out that we were expecting!

July 19, 2008! The day we found out we were
going to be a mommy and a daddy!

The best test I've ever taken!

Friday, August 14, 2009

With school soon starting and preparing myself and Caroline for daycare- I have been busy! I began working last Wednesday with one trade day the Thursday before. It has been very difficult leaving Caroline even with family members (who by the way have taken great care of Caroline- thanks Rhonda and Grand), but it has given me some practice of starting back to work and having to leave her. She'll start Monday with a private sitter and we can't be more pleased with Mrs. Leah- who by the way will also be keeping two more babies along with Caroline! I tell Caroline she soon will have lots of friends to play with! Pray for me as I make this hard transition from staying home with her for the past four months to going back to teaching.

She'll be getting dedicated on this Sunday, August 16th and we are looking forward to celebrating this day with family and friends!

Sleepy girl!

Caroline finds her thumb!

I found Sam singing and dancing with Caroline
in the kitchen! It was just the sweetest! I couldn't
resist snapping a picture!

Caroline loves daddy kisses!

Happy 19 weeks!

I have my lovey and my toes- that's
all I need!

I am not playing peek-a-boo!

Morgan Kate came over for a playdate with
Caroline! What a treat!

Sam at his first softball game for LBC!

Caroline cheering for her daddy! It was very
hot when Sam played his first game
(note the red cheeks) and very near Caroline's
bed time but she stayed awake to help cheer
her daddy! What a trooper!