"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, May 31, 2010

This sweet and precious couple...

are now the proud parents of this
sweet and precious baby boy!
Nolan Thomas Yonemura was born, Friday,
May 28 @ 4:51 pm. He weighed 7 lbs. 3 ozs and
measured 20 inches long.

Look at those smiles of joy and happiness!
Congratulations Raven and Makoto
on the birth of Nolan!

Raven is one of my most dear and sweet friends. We have been friends as she puts it "since we were practically in diapers". Our friendship is full of memories..too many to even begin writing here. I am so blessed to have many friends where our friendships formed in preschool and still remain today. We girls are lucky to have each other to lean on during all the things that life may bring our way, especially during exciting times like the birth of our own babies!
I am thrilled that I get to share in Raven's motherhood moments as she shares in mine! Congratulations Raven! You and Makoto are going to be wonderful parents to baby Nolan!

Friday, May 28, 2010

I don't know if you can tell what this is so try and guess. Okay, to easy, it's wood. It's actually how Caroline's crib looked when we bought it even up until oh say Christmas. Beautiful, shiney, smooth, just plain gorgeous, right!

And this is how her crib looks now. Her little tic tacs (teeth) grew into little chichlets and viola! She has gnawed the finish including the wood right on off. I was a little tee tiney upset (not at her at myself for not protecting the finish) about it at first but now its her trademark! Sam said he could one day re do it but we'll leave it! Her crib converts into a big girl bed too so it might not be lasting as long as we previosuly thought!
Little did I know that they made teething guards for these purposes (if this is the only thing at Babies R US that I didn't know about then I'm doing pretty good)! We have purchased them but haven't yet put them on. She no longer teethes on the crib, but then again we didn't know she was doing it in the first place. She's so quiet when she wakes up in the mornings and the first time we woke up and saw this she had bits of wood everywhere, it was on her face and hands too! Those itty bitty teeth...gotta love them!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My sweet Caroline made this handprint for me at Ms. Leah's for Mother's Day! I love it! It's my newest treasure from Caroline! This handprint will probably still be out when she's married!

This is the gift tag that came with my present!
I think Hannah, Caroine's friend, wrote it! Hannah adores
Caroline and secretly, C is her favorite!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I didn't get my way today, so I did this!
 I don't pitch a fit very much!

I wanted to make sure mommy was watching
me so I did this...cry!

I wanted to double check and see if mommy
was watching me pitch a fit so I did this...
looked up. Yep, there she was taking
my picture of me pitching a fit.

So I made a real sad face and cried some more.
I wanted mommy to feel really bad! It worked!

When I was finished getting all those feelings
out...I did this. I played with my real
pretty necklace and I was a happy baby
girl once again!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Here we are walking!

Get Ready!

Get Set!


Yay! You made it to your favorite place...

Mr. Kitty's toys!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Here's Vanna....
Showing off her daddy's prize for getting
yard of the month on last Sunday. Sam
also got a Lowe's gift certificate. I have to
admit, it was hard not to laugh when
we got a knock at the  door and the HOA's president
announced the news! Sam's always beautifying our
yard (and sometimes the neighbors), so it was
well deserving!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

This little girl is just growing up way to fast! Everyday I think she looks different because of how much she's growing! One week she's holding onto the coffee table in order to move around it, and the next week she's walking circles around it without support. Now that she's officially a walker she loves to try and walk everywhere all the time. If she starts out crawling, its because she's forgotten that she can walk. Then, she'll just stand up in the middle of the room and will just start walking. I love the whole "standing up" from the crawling position. She'll hold her arms out to her sides while standing on her feet and she'll make these little "I'm trying real hard" grunting noises as she's standing! She's precious and very hilarious when she's getting from her crawling postion to her walking position!
Oh, and she also has several new words: juice and bow!

Here we are getting ready for church!

I just love being me!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

On Wednesday, this sweet pie, Matalyn, turns 1 years old,
but on Saturday, she had her first birthday party!

Matalyn and Caroline just "talking" girl
talk to each other!

After the party festivities we headed on over
to Matalyn's house for some more girl fun!
Caroline loved the sand box, the water/sandbox table,
and the swimming pool!

Matalyn loved the water so much that she
stayed in it and played, played, and played!

Caroline liked the pool but couldn't decide
which of the three she liked best including crawling
on the concrete patio (OUCH!). So, she kept
getting in and out, in and out, and in and out of the pool
to explore the other options, but could never decide
which she liked the best!
She was filthy from crawling on the grass, wet,
but she had a blast!

Having too much fun (is that possible?)!

Busy Bee!

Full of cuteness...

and fun!

After coming inside, Caroline decided she wanted
to jump! Matalyn did too!

The girls loved all of the toy options! Which fun toy
to get first?

What a day of fun it was for these two
sweet baby girls!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I have been meaning to post this post for quite sometime now and here it is! Ever since Caroline has been born a lot of people...well everyone...says that she looks exactly like me, her mama, and I have to admit I take that as a compliment (I don't brag much). Although she takes her features from the both of us I absolutely love that she favors me. So here's some pictures of me as a baby (yes our mom dressed us up everyday no matter what the event, Caroline, however was always in a onesie when she was smaller...love that invention), and of Caroline as an infant to compare the similarities!

After seeing this picture I finally
realized that she does look like me!
This is the only pic where I think
she favors me more than Sam!
Look how einey she is!

Here's me (right) with my twin, Melinda!
Look at those cheeks! This is where she gets her
sweet squeezeable cheeks from!

I'm on the right!

Oh, how I miss her being this small!
It's so hard to remember her this way!
That makes me sad that I don't remember.

I'm in the blue!

I love this picture! I took this when C was smiling
for the first time out loud! I grabbed the camera at just
the right moment!

See any resemblances?

I'm on  the left!
I so see Caroline in this picture!

Sweet Caroline! Oh, how we just love you!

I'm on the right!

I'm on the right!

See it in the cheeks?
Me, older!

Sam, older!
I love this picture of the two of us!
I'm on the left!
Caroline, 13.5 months!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Here's some fun pics of this little one, well doing nothing
other than having lots of fun!
Caroline has lots of hobbies! These include:

Being super cute and very sweet!


Making faces and noises with her tongue!

Being a gymnast!

Doing tricks on her bean bag!

Smiling quite a lot!

Playing peek-a-boo with anything!

Playing more games with her bean bag,
especially with daddy! This pink thing really
makes her giggle!

Reading the pictures of her books!

 Hiking up the stairs but now she can't!

Saying uh-oh! It's her favorite word besides Stitch!

Playing, playing, playing, and playing some more!

Figuring out her See-and-Say and now she can
pull the lever all the way down to make it make

Figuring how out the twisty things work on her Zany Zoo!

Putting the balls back into the ball popper and...

doing it all over again!

Looking left! (Yes, her shirt says "Happy Birthday",
but these are her play clothes for Leah's!)

Looking right!

Pointing to everything that looks fun!






Smiling while playing!

Giving joy to her mommy and daddy all the time!