"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Friday, July 01, 2011

What have The Leviners been up to so far in the summer of two-oh-one-one? Well, we've been quite the busy family with VBS, church camp, playdates, storytime, southern saving, visiting with family and friends, getting ready for the birth of my twin sister's twins, lunchdates, and potty training to name just a few things we've gotten into this summer!
So here's our latest fun starting with USC's Baseball National Championship Parade!

This "van" was my fav in the parade today (yes it beat out Sir Big Spur)! I think it was because of the license plate and all of the Gamecock logos!

It was just so cutie!

Here comes the National Champions!

Morgan Kate was just too funny with these glasses!

Kelsey and Miss Caroline!

The girls!

Most evenings C wants to go out and play in what she calls her waterpool! She never stays in it for very long but I think she just loves putting on her bathing suit and being outside!

I love church camp! We go every year and always have the very best time. This year was interesting. C is older and every morning before the am service she would ask me if she was going to "her church", meaning children's church. She loved meeting new friends and seeing the ones she met at last year's camp.
On last Saturday night, we had an ice cream social and C loved it. Courtney was able to join us on that night and she had a great time as well. I look forward to going to camp every year. The atmosphere is refreshing and I love learning how to follow Him and serve Him!

Miss C enjoying her ice cream at the social!

Courtney, Anna, Angie, Michelle, Caroline
Ronda, Ms. Debra, and Me

Doodle loved sitting on this watermelon!
She thought it was put there just for her!

Granny and Miss C calling it a day!

Ladies and Gentleman, I think we have a beauty queen in the making! She is saying "hello mommy" as she's waving!

This is how I found Miss C one morning as I was
getting ready for the am service! She's ready
to go to "her church"!

Caroline and Nanny at Aunt Melinda's surprise baby shower!

I know, I know! Caroline is not going to like me for posting this pic, but potty training has been a big deal around our house! We've been "practicing" using the potty for oh about four weeks now. She's good about using her potty if you remind her about every twenty minutes but just in the last two days she has told me "I gotta potty mommy". So I'm thinking we are making progress! I'll keep you posted!

So as you can tell, we are having a busy but very fun summer! I'm so thankful for family and friends! Spending time together is just so special!

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