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Thursday, October 01, 2009

6 Month Check up!
Caroline had her six month check up today! She's such a big girl! She handled her shots okay- she did cry but afterwards she and I cuddled! Here are her stats, however, I don't think they are correct. I will call tomorrow and have them recheck them. As I was looking at her 4 month stats and even her weight from her last weigh in (Aug 8th) things just don't add up. But I am going to post today's stats and will update you for I am sure they are going to change.
Weight: 15 lbs 10 ozs (50th) (August 8th she was 15 8- today she wouldn't lay her head completely down so I do think this is why her weight is off)
Height- 25 1/4 (40th) (August 8th she measured 26 1/4- Sam thought this was funny considering she didn't shrink)
Head Circumference- 10 1/4 (20th) (now at her four month check up her head Circumference was 15 3/4 and at birth it was 13)
These things do not add up..either she was measured wrong at the 4 month check up as well as the August 8th or vice versa. Can't wait to get her re checked.

Having some fun time with daddy!

Forget the thumb! I can suck two
fingers at once!

She loves her bumbo!

So much that she just giggles and

until she's about to fall over from

Love those sweet smiles!

She's wanting to "stand" up!

Here is where you start guessing at what you think Caroline's going to be for Halloween. I will post a new clue each week!

Clue # 1: Mama's Pearls!


Daniel and Carrie Moore said...

That is SO weird about her measurements. I wonder what in the world they did! I'm sure that is a little frustrating. Hope you can figure it out because surely she isn't shrinking! :)

Devin said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures of her in the bumbo!!! She is so cute! I really think those measurements are wrong too! Maybe the weight is right and she just didn't gain much, but I didn't think babies shrunk in length and head circumference. Hmmm...regardless, she is precious! Also, my first guess is a bride. :)