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Monday, October 05, 2009

Band Fun!

On Saturday, scoot scoot and I headed to Rock Hill to see my niece, Courtney perform in her band competition (Sam has been under the weather since last Friday so he was unable to go, and we missed him). This is the second year that I've gone to Rock Hill to see her perform and like last year, this year was a lot of fun! Last year when I went I was pregnant with Caroline- this year when I went Caroline was right there- laughing and having a ball.
Its fun to see how hard these kids have worked since last summer to prepare for events like band competition. I am not musically inclined, nor did I have a desire to be in the band when I was in high school- it didn't seem that much of a big deal. But, after seeing (first hand a couple of summer's ago) and hearing Courtney practice day in and day out extensively since July- even when the weather was so hot- I have a new appreciation for musical instruments. I mean I've always liked how they sound- the saxaphone, (which my other niece Kelsey plays) the trumpet, or even the flute, but never knew how invloved or detailed or studious one has to be in order to get the notes right as well marching at the same time- something for those that are very coordinated- like I said it was not for me!
Courtney is truly inspirational- when she first started the marching band- some days were more strenuous than others, some days the marching became tricky, and not to mention the music being a little difficult to play- all this during band camp- marching and playing over and over until perfected. Most people- I may add- including me- would have given up and easily moved on to something less cumbersome- but no not Courtney! She pursued a challenge and by the end of the first season she continued to love practicing, playing, and performing in the band. I said all this to say- that my favorite part of watching her band walk out onto that field to perform is knowing that all of her hard work and determination is seen- she makes up one part of something very big- she contributes to the whole and she makes a difference! As they are waiting to be called out onto the field something just comes over me- can't explain it- I don't know if its because my niece is out there and is part of a very large band or if its the excitement of hearing her band play or even being nervous for her band because they are competing but I become so emotional. As I see them stepping into place before coming onto the field my thoughts are of how proud I am of her and her hard work- and it could be this that makes me so teary eyed. Whatever the reason- I love going to her band competitions! Next year, Courtney will be a senior and her little sister will be a freshman- both will be competiting at the same time- I better take some Kleenex, huh!

C's new thing- playing with tags and ribbon!

Courtney loving on her C after a great performance!

Caroline laughing with her Uncle D!

C is all dolled up for the competition!

C is playing in her bumbo in the stadium! You
guys- when do I get to hear my cousin play!

Playing away!

The pefect spot for me to play- in the shade!

Me and my Nanny!

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