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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November is national Prematurity Awareness month. Today I am going to blog about three babies that I know firsthand were born premature and that The Leviners love very much.
I have to admit that before August 24, 2008 I didn't know much about premature babies. In fact I didn't know anyone that gave birth to a preemie baby. What I did know was preemies were born early, were very small, had low birth weight, were tiny in length, and could have complications. I did know about the March of Dimes, my mother use to walk the annual walk, but I never fully understood their cause until last spring.
On August 24, 2008, my dear and close friend Heather gave birth to her daughter, Morgan Kate Callahan. Morgan Kate was born at 25 weeks gestation, that's 15 weeks early. Morgan Kate remained in the NICU from August 24th until December (don't remember exact date however it was in early December when she was able to come home). Because of the risks I didn't get to see Morgan Kate in person until February and this was only through the living room window of her home. Her sweet daddy held her up so that my niece, Courtney and I could take a peak at her. I did get to see her in person on Friday, March 27th, two days before Caroline was born! This was a special day for me..to see Morgan Kate. As I left my OB's office that morning I was thinking about Morgan Kate and Heather. I called her and asked if I could come see her and Morgan Kate and she said come on out! I got to see precious Morgan Kate and precious she continues to be!
When Caroline was four weeks old I joined the Callahans and the Hardisons and their friends for my first walk in the March of Dimes. After seeing all the posters and signs of babies that were born premature I felt immensely blessed to have a full term baby. I just didn't realize the severity of premature births.
Charlie and Anna Claire Henson's parents are our Sunday School teachers. Charlie and Anna Claire were born at 30 weeks, in March 7, 2009, making them 10 weeks early. They remained in the NICU until the end of May.
What I have learned and continue to learn about little babies like Morgan Kate Callahan and Charlie and Anna Claire Henson , is that a lot of research and support comes from The March of Dimes, so join me in helping raise money for research and awareness for the cause!
Morgan Kate's first day of life! 1 lb 12 ounces
Morgan Kate is almost 15 months old!
Morgan Kate continues to amaze her family and
those that love her each and everyday!
Charlie Henson's first day of life!
Anna Claire's first day of life!
The twins now at 8 months!


Kathy Hardison said...

Thank you for taking the time to recognize premature babies! Thanks also for being such a dear family friend. Love to all of you.

Daniel and Carrie Moore said...

Thanks for posting this. So blessed we are to have baby girls that were born healthy from day one! I'm also very impressed that you did a walk 4 weeks after having her! :)