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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Our cute pie is five weeks old today! Where does time go? This past week has been filled with smiles and laughs from Caroline! She has quite the personality and is just so sweet! She has these really funny facial expressions that keep Sam and I laughing!

She's learned three new things this past week! One morning I was just playing with her while she was in her bouncey seat. She began to laugh as usual but then she began smiling BIG. This was so cute and as I talked to her she began smiling again and again. I love those pretty girl smiles! Another morning while she was waking me up she started to squeal while making her usual baby noises. It was hilarious and when she figured out she could squeal she kept right on doing it! I laughed right along with her and she was just so happy! This past week she also started to track things with her eyes. I know babies don't see far off very well until they are three months old but she's defintely starting to see things better from a distance. Courtney, our niece, was playing with Caroline this weekend and when she got up Caroline followed her movements. It was so sweet- it was as if Caroline was saying "Hey, where are you going!"

Caroline also has been sleeping longer through the night. She's just so sleepy all the time. When we first brought her home we had to wake her just to nurse. There was one day when she wouldn't wake up and I couldn't get her to be alert enough to nurse and I made my first phone call to the pediatrician- in a panic, thinking that it had been almost five hours since my 2 week old has eaten. All was well and in another hour she woke up and was ready to nurse. Well, now Missy Moo has decided to not sleep much during the day- she'll take several cat naps and will sleep as long as you hold her or if she's lying on her belly (for the most part I haven't been lying her down on her belly during the day anymore- makes me a little bit nervous) but the moment you lay her down in her crib, couch, bouncey seat, or swing she wakes up within ten minutes. She'll begin to squirm and then become fidgety and then she'll make all these noises. We've decided that she doesn't like being on her back. Night time is a different story- she'll go to sleep on her back and stay asleep. She's starting to sleep for about four to five hours at a time and when she wakes up to nurse I can't seem to get her back to sleep until it's time to nurse her again in three hours. Any suggestions for why this is? I want to try waking her up in the night every three hours but I've always heard to never wake a sleeping baby! We've only had one restless night and I won't call it bad just because we were the ones losing sleep not her! Oh well, she's learning how to do right along with her mommy and daddy and we'll work on all these "new" things together!

I also did some "new firsts" this week as well. I had several outings by myself with Caroline! We met Heather and Morgan Kate one day at Harbison to do some shopping and I went to the grocery store on another day! I have to admit I was a bit nervous driving by myself- usally when we go somewhere Sam's driving and I'm in the back with Caroline but for these trips I was doing the driving and she sat in the back solo. Before the first excursion I put up sunshades and a mirror so that I could see her. Well, while I was driving down the road the mirror just fell right on off and landed on her feet- thank goodness it was a very light mirror and that it didn't wind up falling on her head! I didn't panic but was more nervous because I couldn't see her, but all turned out okay and I've figured that the mirror needs to be returned (it still won't stay put). I'm looking forward to going out more during the day with her! I'm hoping to make a visit to school to see my students!! They are going to love meeting Caroline! I've been writing notes to them on a piece of paper and placing it in front of Caroline for a picture! My long term sub says the children love getting notes from Caroline!

A note to mommy's students from me!

My first stroll around the block!

Morgan Kate and Caroline!

Our little sweet treat!

Aw- you are just so cutie!

You are a natural beauty!

Loves to go night-night! 34 Days!

5 Weeks Old and I could just squeeze those
cutie girl cheeks!

5 Weeks Old and swinging away while
humming to the music!

Little Pez Dispenser!


Anonymous said...

I love her happy face in the picture with the note to your students. I'm so glad to hear things are going well! :) ~Kathy Henson

Cortney said...

Those pictures are adorable!! I am glad things are going so great!!

Have a wonderful week!! :)

Cortney :)