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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

34 and Still Growing!
Today makes week 34! I had my 34th week appointment today and everything is still looking great! This includes blood pressure, weight, and measurement! Yes, this time I did say weight- I only gained 1/2 pound! I was so happy when Sheron told me this bit of news! Today ends my two week appointments- I do go back in two weeks for my 36th week appointment but then after that I'll be going weekly until Caroline's born!
On rotation today was Dr. Stands- next to Dr. Holladay he hangs the moon! He's so nice and will spend as much time with you as you need him to! I had two concerns/questions today for him. One, I'm so thirsty all the time- just like I was in the first trimester- he said I could be dehydrated- I don't see how this could be for someone that drinks over 60 oz. of water a day but we'll increase the water intake! Two, could he tell already what position she was in. After checking her heart rate he said he found it on my left side so that means she's getting into "the position" so he felt around my belly and noted that he didn't feel anything hard at the top of my belly (her head) but thought that she was in the transverse position- head on one side of my body feet on the other. He told me that she had plenty of time to move into the birthing position! I was happy to hear the latter.
We begin our birthing class on Sam's 32nd birthday- Feb. 17th! We're very excited about taking the class and I'm sure we'll be loaded with lots of information from general hospital info to relaxation techniques (hopefully for the both of us!!).Here's also a picture of the polka dots! They are finished and Sam's so proud!

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Raven said...

Exciting news all around! The nursery looks great - I can;t wait to see it with furniture and pretty girl stuff! We are just over a week a way from your baby shower at my house - I can hardly wait to see everyone. We are gonna have so much fun. Love ya, mean it.
P.S. Time to change the christmas pic! LOL