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Monday, April 13, 2009

Stacey, Gracey, and Thadd Paul with Caroline

Caroline- 15 days old!

Sweet Caroline- 11 days old

Lynn and Caroline-11 days old!

So sleepy- 14 days old

14 days old

Caroline with her Nanny- 13 days old

Kelsey and Caroline

Courtney and Caroline

I only take a paci for my Aunt Rhonda!

I'm just so cutie in my hat that I got for Easter!

Heather and Morgan Kate

Uncle D with Caroline

I love to laugh in my sleep- what's making you so
happy in your dreams baby?

Aunt Rae with Caroline

I'm still laughing in my sleep- 12 days old!

Our second week with Caroline has just been fun! My emotional side has calmed down some and my worries about her have simmered down (well a little) but have not completely gone away (I hear I'll be worried about her forever!)

Last Thursday was a treat! My friend Lynn came over for a visit and brought me lunch from Rush's! After this Thursday Lynn has 4 weeks to go until she has her baby girl! Later on, Morgan Kate and her mommy, Heather came over to visit Caroline! I was so excited seeing that this would be one of Morgan Kate's first outings and Caroline's first play date! It was so nice to see the girls together! Morgan Kate is a doll- she laughs even when you look at her! This was such a special day for me and I'm sure for Heather as well! We are already setting up another time to get our baby girls together! On Thursday evening Sam's first cousin, Thadd Paul, his wife Stacey, and 2.5 year old daughter Gracey came to visit Caroline! Gracey loved meeting Caroline! Gracey is such a sweet little girl!

On Friday, we had yet another busy day! Caroline had her two week well baby check up. I of course had lots of questions for Dr. Thomas. Caroline had gotten off on her nursing schedule earlier in the week and I was very concerned about it. After talking in length with Dr. Thomas it was decided that I needed to schedule an appointment with the practice's lactation specialist. I'm going on the 21st so we'll see if we can't get her back on schedule. Caroline's daytime feedings are on schedule but her night time feedings are not. She wants to nurse every 1.5 hours!! This makes for a very tired mommy, but I'll do whats needed for our princess! Also, Caroline gained 15 ounces in one week! So the doctor assured me that she was eating! Caroline now weighs 8.14. She's in the 50th percentile for weight and height and she's in the 25th percentile for head growth- Dr. Thomas said that she has a tiny head but its perfectly normal!! On Friday night we went out to eat with my good friend Raven! Caroline already loves her aunt Rae! After her doctor's appt, our photographer, Patty Hallman, met us at our home to take photos of our baby girl! Patty has posted some of them on her blog and she'll send me the link for the others later this week and I'll post the link then. You can view the ones posted at http://www.hallmanphotoblog.com/
Patty took nearly 300 pictures of Caroline- how will I ever choose?!!

On Saturday, we celebrated Easter at my house with my family! This was also a treat! Caroline's uncle D didn't get to hold her at the hospital but he did on Saturday! We had a lot of fun! Caroline enjoyed being held by her first cousins, Courtney and Kelsey too! I ate a lot of yummy food- my favorite was crockpot mac and cheese- thanks Rhonda! Aunt Rhonda also gave Caroline her very first Easter basket! Caroline gots lots of goodies from books to her very polka dotted bathing suit- might I mention with built in sunscreen (we all know how I am about lathering up with sunscreen), and a hat! She looks adorable in her hat!

On Sunday, Caroline was two weeks old! Sam and I just spent the day with her and I took lots of pictures! Her granddaddy Harry and Granny Anna came for a visit. Granny is staying through Wednesday! Happy two weeks Caroline!

So as you can see our second week with our baby girl has been a lot of fun- other than the feedings during the night! Caroline still laughs and giggles in her sleep but now she's laughs and giggles when I talk to her! We are just enjoying her so much and we are so blessed to have her!

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