"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We've been very busy during the last couple of days! Last Thursday and Friday I headed to school to get my room ready for the summer. My long term sub, Shirley Smith, did an awesome job with my children while I was out on maternity leave and even helped me arrange the room for summer break- Thank you so much Shirley for everything! I told Shirley she had to hang around for at least four more years for baby number two.
While I was at school on Thursday, Caroline's Grand kept her. Caroline had a great time as did Grand! Thank you, thank you, thank you Grand! Grand also came back up on Monday to spend the night so she could keep Caroline while I attended an all day math workshop on Tuesday. They just had so much fun together!
Friday was the last day of school for the children and I enjoyed spending the last few hours of school with my Lambs. The last day of school is always so emotional for me. As usual, I got teary eyed as I was hugging each of them as they walked out our classroom as a Leviner's Lamb for the very last time. This was the best class ever and I'm going to miss each and every one of them. I'm a writer of notes and cards, etc. so in their summer packet I gave them fancy paper along with my address and I promised them that if they wrote to me I'd write back. During our last few minutes together the Lambs presented to me an ABC book that they made and dedicated to Caroline. It was the best gift ever and it'll be one that I'll treasure forever.

On last Saturday, Sam's Aunt Paulette was surprised when she realized that the "arrival" party for Caroline was actually her very own surprise 60th birthday party. This was so much fun and it was nice seeing everyone. Caroline spent a lot of time outside during the party and she seemed to enjoy it!

On Sunday, we went to my mom's and PC's house in Chester and enjoyed a cookout! This too was a lot of fun! Caroline was loved on by her Nanny, Aunt Rhonda, Uncle D, and first cousins Courtney and Kelsey!

Caroline also turned ten weeks on Sunday. Each week seems to go by so fast and comes and goes with so many new things that Caroline is doing!
Here's an update on our big girl:
- She can roll onto one side
- She's getting better control of her head
- She can turn her head from left to right
- She giggles, laughs, smiles, and squeals all day long
- She's learning to hold onto things however she can't control what she has in her hand
- She loves being read to
- She loves to "sing" and "talk" back when we sing or talk to her
- She's sleeping six to seven hours at night- I'm no longer waking her up every four hours to eat
- She loves to suck her fingers, hands, and fists- she actually prefers these over her paci
- She is awake for longer periods during the day while taking cap naps throughout. We're trying
to get her use to her crib so I'll put her in it for naps but she sleeps no longer than 10 or so
minutes and then she starts to laugh, giggle, and squeal and so I just have to pick her up
because I don't want to miss those moments! She will sleep longer in her swing or while being

Caroline with her Uncle D!

Daddy and Caroline!

Caroline getting some daddy love!

Happy ten weeks Caroline!

The Leviners! Caroine is 9 weeks 6 days!

Happy 60th Birthday Aunt Paulette!


Alana enjoying the water from the sprinkler!


Aunt Sue and Alana!

Uncle Jerry and Aunt Ann!

Paulette enjoying her memories scrapbook!
Friends and Family!

Sweet Caroline! Our little cupcake!

Sucking on those hands!

Sweet girl!

Give me that smile!


What are you doing girlie!

Love those baby feet!

So sweet!

So Sleepy!

I love sucking my thumb aunt Melinda!

Such a happy girl! We love you!

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Cortney said...

She is just so precious! It was great to see y'all on Sunday! :)

Cortney :)