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Friday, July 24, 2009

A Lot of Firsts
1st birthday party! 1st time rolling over! 1st time sitting in her exersaucer! These are all the things that Caroline has done this past week! She'll be 17 weeks tomorrow- yes, a whopping 17 weeker! Speaking of numbers I took her for a weigh in on this past Thursday and she's 14 lbs 11 ozs and is 25 inches long. Sam still predicts that she's going to be a tall girl with red hair and blue eyes however time will tell if she'll keep those baby blues- I'm hoping she will also!
Each day as she grows we grow more in love with her. We love all of her isms and there are plenty in number. She has quite the personality! She loves to laugh, giggle, and smile which just melts our hearts.
Speaking of all these happy moments leads me to make a confession. Yesterday, while opening a piece of mail I received I just bawled and bawled. It was unfortunately a back to school letter from my principal announcing upcoming events leading up to the opening of school. This was such a sad moment for me as I suddenly realized that spending hours every day with our precious Caroline will soon be over. As I sobbed I thought about how she might be giving all those fun giggles, laughs, and smiles to someone else other than her mommy. I know that when I do take her to daycare she'll be fine- she'll be in wonderful hands, she'll make new friends her age, and be loved on by her care takers, its her mommy that won't be fine. I am quite sure that the first day of school for me will be trying and not so anticipated as in years past. Writing about this helps but for now I'm going to spend each day until August 12th loving, holding, reading, talking, laughing, playing, and singing with my little girl! I just love her so very much!!

Little Princess!

Playing in her crib after a morning

Still smiling after a day of lapsit
and eating lunch!

She really loves her new exersaucer! This was
her first time sitting in her new toy! I'd say
she had a great time! Just look at that face!

What's this thing mommy that rolls and makes
loud noises? She's such a curious little one!

I like to put this big letter B in my mouth but
it all doesn't quite fit!

Sleepy little girl!

My job today will be to roll over!

Here I go! I'm getting it!

YEAH-I rolled over for the very first time and my
mommy got it on camera while cheering me on!

Playing in her crib at Grand and Pops house!
Now that I am a pro at rolling over can someone
tell me what's the best way to get my pap pap back?

Anna Louise Leviner celebrating
her 6th birthday! This is Caroline's
first cousin!

Sleeping Beauty! Happy 16 weeks!

Daddy and me!

Playing with Grand!

I now can hold onto my links too!

My aunt Rhonda loves to love on me!

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Cortney said...

She is so precious!!!

Sarah Ann will be back for church on Sunday so they can play in nursery!!

I hope you are having a good week!!

Love, Cortney :)