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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

4 in 1, 5 months, 102nd!!

Last weekend was very busy for the Leviners- 4 parties in one weekend- but oh so much fun!! This is my 102nd post! That's 102 posts since June of 2006!

Caroline started last Saturday morning with a playdate with Carrie and Alli. Carrie lives in Texas but was visiting friends and family here at home in SC! It was so much fun meeting Miss Alli for the very first time! Alli and Caroline are 10 days apart! We can't wait to have another playdate!

Saturday afternoon came with singing happy birthday to Morgan Kate! We had so much fun at her very first birthday party! It was such a sweet and precious moment when we sang happy birthday to her! She loved digging into her birthday cake and she smiled the whole time! I was so excited to be celebrating this special time, however, I became very teary eyed when I watched the video of her first year. She has come such a long way in 12 months! She's just a blessing! We love you very much Morgan Kate Callahan!

Saturday didn't pass without an evening cookout with our Sunday School class! This was a lot of fun too! We ate lots of yummy food and had plenty of dessert! Caroline loved the attention that she got from her "friends" and all of the other babies that came! We can't wait to do this again! Thanks Todd and Beth for a fun night! Let's do it again real soon!

On Sunday, Caroline turned five months old. I cannot hardly believe that my precious sweet baby girl is five months old. She has surely blessed our lives beyond measure. We are just so grateful and blessed to have her. She's doing so many things. She has begun to fake cough when she's having a good time. I'm thinking that this is for attention but she's already getting so much of that from mommy and daddy! She's so much fun to be with! We love to hear her laugh. Even if no one is in the room with her she will still just laugh and laugh- she can entertain herself and from what I hear that is a good thing. I love that little voice of hers!! Playtime is such a fun time at our house. She likes to sit in all of her seats- baby bumbo, bean bag, swing, exersaucer, and just loves to play and play with her toys. We're getting on a better schedule. She's starting to get sleepy around 8pm now (well has been since the first day of school), whereas before I started school she'd still be up until ten! She also takes naps for Ms. Leah but on the weekends- not so much! I don't mind!!

The weekend didn't end without a baby shower for Blythe and Eric! Hendrix is due in 8 weeks! They got a lot of nice things and we can't wait to meet him!!

So sleepy from my fun weekend!

YAY! The Broadwells are expecting baby
number 2! Sarah Ann is going to be a big sister
next March!

Happy 5 months Caroline (Aug. 29th)!
She's 22 weeks old!

Eric and Blythe!

Steven and Claudia!

Love this sweet baby girl!

Melissa, Cortney, and Sarah Ann enjoying the
Sunday School cookout!

Sarah Ann wants to play with Caroline!

Caroline at Morgan Kate's birthday

The Girls! Melissa, Raven, Heather, and Micki!

Sweetie pie birthday girl- Morgan Kate!

Happy Birthday to you!

Micki loving on Caroline!

Aunt Rae and Caroline!

Caroline and Mamie- Morgan Kate's Great

Hey Caroline!

Matalyn and Caroline "talking" at Carrie
and Alli's playdate!

Lynn, Matalyn, Carrie, Alli, Me, and Caroline!

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Anonymous said...

It was good to see Sweet Caroline at Morgan Kate's Birthday Party. She is so precious. They will have lots of fun growing up together.

Morgan Kate's Aunt J