"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I call it... "Turning of Age"! (I think)

Funny how the memories of celebrations seem to come back around much faster as one gets older. When I was a teenager I wondered what it would be like to be "18" and then when I was 18 I wondered what my life would be like when I turned "21". I had some assumptions like I'll be older age wise, I'll look older, I'll be, etc, etc. Then I turned 25 and thought aw I have lots of years left in my twenties granted I was considered by then to be in my "late" twenties. Now that I'm the big 3-0 I'm not still wondering what I'll be doing at any certain age but now thinking how it seems like yesterday that I was celebrating those "can't wait until I'm that age" milestones all while celebrating life's joys along the way. So much has happened in my twenties! I graduated from college twice, began my first professional job, got engaged then married, bought big commodities like a car and a home, and at the last year of being a twenty something I had our first sweet baby girl. As I look back over my twenties I'm thinking that this decade was probably the most important for growth. I've learned a lot especially about the importance of a loving family and good friends! I can say that those previous "pre-age" thoughts are true...I am older age wise, I look older (maybe not mature), and I might can add now that I think I'm growing more wise. I'm really not looking forward to being out of my twenties (everyone dreads beginning a new "age" decade), but I am looking forwarding to all of the memories that my thirties (YIKES) will bring!

Mom and I celebrating my 29th birthday!

Melissa and Sam!
My sweet and very dear best friends Raven and Heather!
These gals have always made my birthdays fun!
Heather, I'm still remembering how you always
decorated my side of the room and door at college!

This is how I celebrated my 30th birthday!
She was the best birthday present last year and I
love how our birthdays are in the same month (six days apart)!

I celebrated my birthday at my mom and
stepdad's with my little family, along with
Rhonda, Darren, Courtney, and Kelsey!

The Girls! Courtney, Caroline, and Kelsey!


Devin said...

Happy Birthday Friend!

Kelli said...

Happy Happy Birthday Melissa!

Cortney said...

Happy, happy birthday!!

SA and I share the same birthday month too...and Reece will get to share a birthday month with you and Caroline :)