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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bumping Up and Down In My Little Red Wagon!

Caroline's Pops and Grand bought her a wagon for Christmas! I could not wait until spring until she could go for a ride in her new wagon! She had a great time riding in her new wagon and we had a great time watching her enjoy her new "car"!

Like any new "car" you want to check out all the

Hey, I'm ready to go!

I really do like it! My mommy was wanting daddy to stop
the wagon so she could take my picture! I was ready to go!

Are you having fun, little girl!

Me in my fast "car"!

I like it!

She loves turning around in her new wagon!

We are so happy that you are so happy about your first ride in your
        new red "car"!!

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Devin said...

The second picture is my favorite! :) I LOVE how she has her cute little feet propped on the other seat. So fun!