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Monday, May 03, 2010

C and Friends!

Ms. Leah just loves her "little people"! She takes them outside sometimes twice a day and they, especially C, love it! If the weather is permitting Leah will take the children outside for a lunch picnic, as you can see this is one of their picnic days! Here's some of C's friends. Rebekkah in the background really wanted to be at the big kid table with her brother, Nathanael (left side, white shirt)! Cash is sitting in front of Nathanael. On the right, there's C in back and in front is her friend, Lila!

I adore all of the sweet precious children at Leah's. The children love each other and really play well together! However, Lila is the baby girl that I've really gotten to know since C has been going to Leah's. When I drop C off in the mornings Lila's mother is also there to drop Lila off. Because of our early  morning arrivals we've (Lila's mom, Heather) gotten to know each other and each other's little one better! We spend lots of time talking at Leah's with Leah and each other for a long time in the mornings while our girls are saying their good mornings (Lila says, HI" and Caroline just pats her")! I love our morning chit chats!

Lila is almost four months older than Caroline and I've enjoyed seeing Lila grow. In August when C began going to Leah's Lila was 8 mos and C was 4 mos. I would look at Lila and think in two more months C will be sitting up and in four months C will be crawling! Lila has prepared me for what's to come with each month's milestones. When Lila began walking shortly after her 1st birthday I thought wow time really does go by so fast and in April C could be walking (she's taken steps and is doing more each day independently but she's not gone solo quite yet!) Now that C is 13 months I'm wanting these milestones to slow down. I cried one morning at Leah's when I was telling her weeks ago that "C will be one in just one week" and asking "Why does time go by so fast"? Ms. Leah's sweet husband, Mr. Bryan commented, "and tomorrow she'll be getting married" (as they soon had their daughter, Whitney's, wedding on this past Saturday). Mr. Bryan made me realize that yes one day they are babies and the next they are grown with starting little families of their own. All within the blink of an eye!
Even though C will one day be an even bigger girl, for now, I'm just blessed and being thankful for the sweet little girl that I have and for all the people that care so dearly for her!

I'm so glad that C loves going to Leah's and that she also has many "little people" friends there to love her too!

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Daniel and Carrie Moore said...

Ok, I cried reading your blog just thinking about my girl growing up so fast. You're right. It's really hard to think that one day we will no longer really need to take care of them the way we do now. Cherish these moments friend :)