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Monday, September 06, 2010

As you can tell from my new blog look that I'm ready for fall! I love all the things that fall brings from the many colors of the leaves, the crisp weather, apples, sweaters, hay rides, football season (didn't go to, to many in college but enjoy watching it on tv), pumpkins, Halloween, the mountains,...you get it! I know it's a little early and summer's still in session but I'm super excited about the upcoming fall.

We didn't do anything fall this weekend but we spent lots of time with one very precious little girl! We had so much fun that I really hate to see this long weekend pass. Here's some pictures of our too much fun little one and our great super fun weekend!

Having fun at the park! C loved running, climbing,
walking, and playing at the park! She's defintely
our little climber!

She liked going through the "tunnel"!


Daddy can't wait for when I can cross these by myself!

Besides the slide and the tunnel, Caroline
loved to play in the rocks and to run!
She did just get new tennis shoes (and new bows too)!

The ZOO!

We went to the zoo today!

She was impressed that a Lorikeet landed
on her daddy, but wasn't so much when it
tried to take a closer look at her!

Mommy with her favorite girl!

Precious! I love it when my big girls smiles!
She melts my heart!

Giddy up! She wasn't so sure about this one
either! While on this elephan's back she called
out "mommy, daddy", aw!


Her expression when she saw the elephants!
She wasn't screaming, she was in awe!

She loved most watching the fish!

We met Sam's sister, Missi, and her two children,
Samantha, and Christian at the zoo!
We all had a lot of fun! The kids were
super excited!

After watching the animals for four hours, C
gave us a sign that she was ready to go
get lunch and go night night!

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Devin said...

I think the picture under the one of Caroline riding on the elephant is one of my favorite ones of her. She is just so sweet! Looks like y'all had a lot of fun. :)