"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dear Sweet Caroline,
Happy 18 months to you today! As I'm thinking back to a year ago, you were six months old! I am particularly thinking back to a picture that showed you in your carseat smiling so big on your six month birthday! We carried you everywhere in your carseat and you loved sleeping in it. You always looked so cute sleeping!

Today you are a big girl and doing so many big girl things! You really like playing with your toys, especially your chatter box telephone. You like answering "HELLO" and pretend playing phone with daddy. You also enjoy playing with your Choo-Choo train! You really like arranging the "little people" that ride on the top of your choo-choo train. You still love playing with your gumball machine, your baby dolls, and your puzzles! Just the other day you came into the kitchen carrying and hugging three of your "babies"! You were so precious and so excited to show me what you could do! You are too funny when you play in "your" kitchen cabinet. You love digging out all of the plastic ware and then sitting in the empty space in the cabinet. You also love closing yourself up in the cabinet and playing hide and seek or peek-a-boo! You are not afraid of the dark! Big girl! You also enjoy reading the pictures of your books! Your comments about the pages are hilarious and your laugh is contagious!
You also love your pappy, Bovey (look at you holding him so sweet as we go to Ms. Leah's), juice, bow, and shoes.
You are one happy little girl! You are most happy when we read to you or play with you! You are happy when you run and chase Kitty! Mr. Kitty really loves you because he doesn't even try to do anything to you when you pull his hair (hard) or pull on his tiny tail! You are also happy when you play with your friends!
You are not a big eater but you have your days when you eat a lot! You love eating McDonald's Happy Meals, fishsticks, mac and cheese from McAlister's, ice cream, milkshakes, tookies (cookies), bnanas (bananas), and mandarin oranges! You like to drink apple juice, milk, water (well not so much), Capri Sun and lemonade. Occasionally your Aunt Rhonda will give you some fizz! Diet Coke that is!
Some of your favorite places to go are the zoo, church, and on playdates! We love playdates! I love them as much as you! It gives the mommies a chance to chit chat and catch up and it gives you babies the chance to play, play, and play some more with each other!
You are saying so many new words, way too many to count. I stopped writing them down back in the summer! Your favorite words are Happy Da Doo (Happy Birthday) and o! My favorite words that you say are mommy and luv u (love you)!
Your personality is so much fun! I love it! You have quite the personality for a little person! You are spunky, funny, adorable, giddy, happy, sweet, delightful, and precious! I love you!

Your 18 month stats are:
Height: 33 inches 90th percentile
Weight: 23 lbs 1 oz 25th percentile
Head: 17 3/4 10th percentile

18 months ago I didn't know the joys that you'd bring into our lives! I would not trade them for anything this world could offer! You are the best gift we've ever gotten! A blessing from God! We love you and cherish every minute with you! You are ours and we are so thankful and blessed to have you as our daughter!
Love you and Happy Da Doo,

Happy 18 month Birthday Sweet Caroline!
Getting ready for a day of play at Ms. Leah's!

September 29, 2009! Happy 6 months!
Getting ready for a day of play at Ms. Leah's!

I love to read!

My mommy couldn't wait to get me home
on my 6th month birthday so she could dress me
up in my new fall clothes!
I love my Bumbo too!

I love to sit in my rocking chair and read
my favorite book, The Wheels on the Bus!

Playing dress up on my 6th month birthday!
This is what I wore for Halloween too!

I love to play with all all of my toys!
Happy Da Doo Sweet Caroline!


Artsy Teacher said...

What you write about Caroline's life and your life with her is precious. This will mean more and more as she gets older and you reflect back on her life as a little person. And what a gift for her as one day she'll treasure all of this. Ginny

jan kessler said...

A Belated Happy 18 months old.

Aunt J