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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Da-Doo Daddy!

Caroline loves birthdays just like her mommy! Tonight we celebrated Sam's! The whole way out to dinner she sang Happy Da Doo and then yelled "cake, want some" and she also loves to say "Happy Cakey" (ever since we've celebrated four birthdays since Jan.). I do have another video that I took tonight of her talking and telling us who she loves, but it was taken in the car so it looks rather dark.
Her vocabulary seems to double daily! She's also revealing her bossy side but she's so cute when she says "Momma, sit down" and "I wanna feed him" when it's time to feed Stitch. People have asked me about what I do with her to have her talking so much and I blame it on us reading to her daily since the day she was born! I also believe that she has a love for books (she already has a jinormous supply of story books) and stories because I read stories to my students multiple times a day at school when I was pregnant! I know there are many different reasons and causes for children's vocabulary and verbal skills development at different stages so I can't say one particular thing because we could very well do the same things with our next child and have different results. For now, I'm so happy that she loves books and is able to verbally express her likes and dislikes (although her dislikes are more strongly expressed). She not only uses words to express her feelings but also facial expersssions. Like tonight for instance, she got upset with me about something at the dinner table and scooted away from me with the frumpiest face while saying "No, mommy". It didn't last long because the tickle monster attacked her belly and all was well!
We had a great time celebrating Sam's big day and listening to our girl sing "Happy Da Doo"!

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