"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, March 07, 2011

This past weekend was busy but oh so much fun! On Friday night my inlaws came for their long over due occasional Friday night spend the night visit! C had the best time playing with Granddaddy and Granny! She sang to them, talked to them, played with them, and most importantly loved on them!
On Saturday, I attended my first couponing class! I have to admit it's more of a science than I originally thought, but I'm going to figure out how I can save 209.00 at the grocery store and spend only 8.39. My sister does the whole southern savers. I have friends that do it and now it's my turn to figure it out for myself. This should have been a new year's resolution, seriously. Maybe I would have worked more hard at trying to figure out all the components (scenario setting, printing off grocery lists, learning to love to eat what's on sale, etc.) I've listened to two people tell me (the Saturday presenter and a friend) that it took them over a year to figure this whole southern savers system out. I'm still grappling with the idea of how to trade coupons on line, etc. I'll get it. It might not be until this summer when I can actually read it and have time to practice it but I'm sure I'll be one of those that posts on FB, with a picture, the items that I bought and the actual price that I paid for all the items, yeah, I'm quite sure that I'll be one of those! I mean who wouldn't love having 3.00 as their target diaper price?
While I was learning how to save money, Sam took Miss C to a very special 2nd birthday party for some really cute twins! So, in the above picture, Miss C is all clad in her birthday party grear (by the way, Sam did ask if she had to wear the tutu, and of course this mommy said, um... "YES").
On Sunday, we napped (I never nap, but I think I just laid in bed to "rest my eyes", as my mother use to call it, while Sam and Miss C snoozed the afternoon away! After Sam's nap we began working on birthday party stuff for C's 2nd party! I'm so super excited! I have this "party" marble composition book that has a fully decorated party theme cover and it's loaded with party ideas, etc. I can get down all the things that I want for decorations and plan it and make it but I'm not so polished when it comes to the presentation of it all. I tend to over-due for fear that I under-did.
Anyways, I didn't mean to give a count for count of every step of this past weekend but it was fun, I learned a lot, C and Sam had fun, I enjoyed watching Sam design C's birthday party decor, and I enjoyed loving on our little big girl!

Oh, and another exciting "happening" that came about this weekend was that my niece, Courtney, decided on which college she is attending this fall! I'm super excited and can't wait to get my postcard in the mail letting us know which univeristy was of choice!

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