"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I couldn't resist posting about Miss C's 2nd birthday! I wanted to wait until after her birthday party to share about her day, but her day was too much fun and I couldn't wait. We had the absolute best time sharing her special day at the Riverbanks Zoo! She loved it just as much (she continues to talk daily about those baby chicks living at the farm and the farm being at the zoo)! The pictures do tell all!

Mommy, Daddy the zoo is "RIGHT THERE"!
Little girl loves to point as she's giving directions. She
tells me every morning how to get to Ms. Leah's and tells daddy on
Sundays which way to go to church!

She liked this big guy and all of the animal statues.
We took a picture of her on every one!

Little siteseer riding the tram!

She rather pick those tulips than admire them!

One tired "Line"!

At home opening up her presents! The shoes (all four
pair were a hit...the jellies topped them all)!

Blowing out all of the two candles on the cake
that Daddy made!

Having her cake and eating it too!
Happy Da Doo Baby!

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