"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, May 09, 2011

This was the 3rd Mother's Day for me and I so enjoyed spending it with little Caroline! This year she could actually wish me a "Happy Mother's Day" and when she did (after Sam whispered for her to tell me) it was the absolute sweetest moment. I love being that little girl's mommy and I'm very blessed to have her as my daughter!
Our day was fun, blessed, and to add, very bittersweet. About six weeks ago Sam lost his childhood best friend, Gerald, in a work related accident. As Sam was pondering what "we" could or would do for Mother's Day he finally decided that he wanted to go to his home church in Orangeburg and sit beside Ms. Debra (Gerald's mother) for the Mother's Day church service. When Sam hugged and then handed Ms. Debra the bouquet of flowers there wasn't a dry eye around. It was a very sweet moment, one that as a mother myself I'll never forget.
It was our hope that Ms. Debra know that we love her and even though she's not physically our mother she has been in many ways a "Mother" to us, especially Sam. I can remember several instances where she showed me the kind of love that only a mother can give. One being when Sam and I broke up in our dating relationship and she comforted me in my teenage sadness (I remember her telling me to "pray for him", meaning Sam, how sweet)! I remember going on a particular church teen trip with Sam and I got pink eye for the very first time. Gerald's parents were chaperones and it was Ms. Debra that waited with me in the Dr.'s office for the diagnosis of "stink eye" (as Sam called it) and she was the one that for every couple of hours for days would put those awful yellow drops into my eyes all while knowing how contagious pink eye really is. I have many many more stories about Ms. Debra and Sam has countless. 
During the loss of her only child I can't imagine the depth of sadness that she and her husband have felt. I have seen sadness just like this when my parents lost my sister, Heather, and it's just heartbreaking. I do know that Ms. Debra has faith and grace. Faith that is as deep as the ocean and grace that can only be given by God. Even in her dark moments I saw a woman that was strong and courageous and wow what an example. The Lord doesn't promise that we won't have difficult times or hard moments but He does promise the sunshine. I love you, Ms. Debra and yes Happy Mother's Day from all of your children!
I will always remember Gerald. He made a very special day happen for Sam and me, Easter Sunday, March 31, 1997. This was the day that Gerald introduced Sam to me. I can remember that day like it was yesterday. I made a promise to Ms. Debra that everytime we celebrate that anniversary, or our wedding anniversary, or even Caroline's birthday that I would always remember that one day in which her son forever changed our lives. Not a day has gone by that we don't talk about him or remember some very funny story that he was part of. He was real, fun, and full of life and we are so thankful for all the memories past, present, and future. He'll never be forgotten.

Gerald walking his mother, Ms. Debra, to her
seat on our wedding day, June 24, 2006.

Sam and his brother, (the one that God let him choose) Gerald.

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