"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our Big C!
On the 9th of this month we went to Death Valley to celebrate my niece, Courtney's, 18th birthday! Our first destination at Clemson was to visit Courtney's dorm room. It was just as I thought and brought back tons of college memories. She and her roommate, which is also her BFF from back home (another college memory), had everything set up very nice, pretty, and well quite homey. As I snooped around I saw so much more of what our Courtney's all about and how much her college reminded me of so many of my first college memories. The girls like things orderly, real orderly like bed made, desktop cleaned, clothes in closet, dresser sparkly with all their jewels, momentos and notes to and from each other wishing for a great day and a "I'll meet you for lunch" types of notes (notes like this from my roommate and bestie Heather, kept me going, I don't know if she really knew the depth of their importance to me, she was pretty special and made college a ton of fun..more about that later)! It was like I had stepped back into 1998- FOR REAL!
Courtney loves her family and her BFF's! This was defintely shown by all of her pics displayed on her side of the room. Of course I smiled big when I saw that she had C and the twins in her collection. That was PRESH!
As I moved around her room I noted the similarity of everything college: loft beds, dorm keys, school id, snacks, fridge, foutons, tv, alarm clocks, and the dorm room/hall atmosphere, and even the residence hall bathroom (glad that this memory for me wasn't all that horrible, really). After all of this and considering I was at Clemson (my university's rival) I felt proud. Proud of my sweet niece for choosing college, proud that she's chosen to go the "higher education" route, proud of what she stands for in herself, her faith, and most importantly her God! Never would I imagine that 18 years ago, this time would be here so quickly! I love you our "Big C" and I'm so proud of the young lady you have become. Clemson will defintely be a better place because of you!

Romans 8:28 is the verse you'll read before entering
Manning's, dorm room 4D!

The Two C's!

This is a picture of Courtney and Pops, (my dad)
when C was a baby! This picture made me teary
for many reasons but the main one is how
she treasures it!
Quotes for inspiration and BFF memories, love it!
The memory board is awesome! I like the money part!
Tons of college fun!
The "Don't Be a Jerk Jar" and "Swearing" jar seems
to be a money maker for these girls!
Gotta love all things college!

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