"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, January 09, 2012

I have to admit I'm a bit sad by the turn out of this collage. I for sure thought that it would be bigger, but I had to take many things into consideration while I was making this one like the size of my blog's center in pixels and cropping, etc. Yes, it's complicated and I made this one a different way than I did for C's birthday post (blah, blah, blah you're thinking, right?) and I even uploaded it differenlty a second time too. Oh well! 
Anywho, this is 2011 in review!
So as I was thinking back to last year's resolutions I found myself laughing. For one, like I said in a previous year's resolution post, I don't remember all that I think I want to start "new" as the year progresses. Life goes on and things happen and sometimes my "things" get thrown out the window. So for 2012 my goals are pretty much the same as past years but with a few new ones of course!

In 2012 I would like to:
1. Continue growing in God's word. I have enjoyed our SS's book studies and Sam has ordered two new books for his personal studies and growth! So continuing to grow in God's word would be my daily lifelong aspiration not just a resolution that I want to start at the beginning of each new year. I state it here because this is the first thing that I think about as a new year begins.
2. I would like to put into practice, in my personal life, the 7 Habits! We are teaching our students these life skills at my school and they are fabulous lifelong skills that everyone should be implementing personally!
3. I would like to know how to use other modes on my DSLR camera besides "auto".
4. I want to know how to use Photoshop better!
5. I need an exercise regimen! In the fall I started inquiring about running to several coworkers and friends at church. I would like to do a mini marathon before this year's out...looks like I need to get started to make this happen, huh?
6. I would like to not procrastinate. I do not procrastinate professionally but boy do I bottom out personally.
7. I would like to read the last four published Nicholas Sparks books! I purchased them when they were published but have yet to read them! The last time I tried reading one it was the morning of the night that I went into labor!
8. To study more of the things where I have interests!
9. To understand more the many different financial savings plans like 401K's, IRA's, savings bonds, and stocks, etc! 
10. Begin working on my master's plus 30! The paperwork is being submitted!

Here's 11 wonderful things, in random order, the year 2-0-1-1 for The Leviners!
1. Our family increased by two with the birth of my twin sister's twins, Nicholas and Nataleigh.
2. USC won the National Baseball Championship for the 2nd year in a row!
3. Caroline earned her first reading medal by "reading" for our library's summer reading program.
4. My mother celebrated her first year after cancer!!!
5. My oldest niece, Courtney, graduated from high school and is now a freshman at Clemson!
6. Sam and I celebrated five years of marriage!
7. I learned how to successfully coupon!
8. We were snowed in for a week this exact time last year.
9. We went apple picking for the very first time in a real orchard!
10. We tailgated and attended our very first Clemson football games (even though I am a Carolina fan)!
11. All the memories of 2011!

Also, with the fun memories, 2011 brought "heavy heart" times to me personally. My sweet hubby lost his childhood best friend, Wayne, on my birthday last March. We still think about Wayne daily. When Sam has something funny he wants to share or just wants to say hi he still finds himself picking up the phone to dial his number. This has deeply saddened me. I just cannot imagine. Wayne will always be the brother that God let Sam choose. Everytime I look at sweet Caroline I'll always be grateful for Gerald Wayne Martin! He introduced Sam to me.

2011 was also hard for several other reasons. Sam lost two uncles within a couple of months, we lost two siblings at my school due to a horrific incident that also lead to the death of a person I knew growing up. I also witnessed a loved one deal with the worst kind of emotional pain in a marriage that the devil could impress and then thank God for "that" trial when it passed (how most amazing)! God answers prayers! Isiah 53:5

I am, too, thankful for 2011! It has made me think about life and how I want to live it and how I want others to see me live it!

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