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Monday, April 09, 2012

3.29.12, was a super fun day for The Leviners! Our big girl turned 3 and we did many many fun things with the birthday princess! Here's the rundown of her big day: I cooked her breafast! She soon (very soon) discovered her birthday presents by her rocking chair, to which she gladly opened! Then we headed to Dr. T's where she checked out pretty healthy at her 3 year old well baby check-up! She currently weighs 32 lbs (60th percentile), is 38 1/4 inches tall (75th percentile), and her BP was a mere 84/52! Her tee tee specimen and her bloodwork checked out perfect too!
Afterwards, we had lunch at her favorite spot, Chick-Fil-A and then went to Riverbanks Zoo! The trip to the zoo was fun! We have taken her to the zoo every year on her birthday! I'm hoping this isn't a short lived tradition, we'll see! C saw all of her favorite animals at the zoo like the giraffes, flamingos, howler monkeys, gorillas, elephants, and all the farm animals to name a few.
After the leaving the zoo, we headed towards downtown Columbia to Cupcake, where C chose a Lemon flavored cupcake. I chose Strawberry, Sam chose Red Velvet. That yum was delish! When our bellies were full of sweet goodness we went to Goody 2 Shoes and bought her two pairs of shoes. She got a very bright (more like neon) Saucony tennis shoe, (the man promised the shoe was selling like hot cakes and it was the only one left in her size, dratz) and a cute pair of  white summer sandals. That's all I'll say about the shoes. I'm thinking my daughter will inherit my feet length. She's currently wearing a nine (my almost ten year old niece wears a 1). Target was right down the street so we finished our shopping for the day there. Last, Sam needed somethings from Lowe's (one of C's favorite stores). When we got home, Caroline wanted tacos for supper! After playing with her new toys, having a bath, and storytime, the birthday princess was put down for her beauty rest! It was a big day of celebration for sure!
Enjoy the pics!

I love the excitement on her face as she opened each gift!

This was her daddy's favorite!
I'm guessing softball is in her near future!

This girl loves all kinds of puzzles!
I think she outgrew these before her birthday,
but she loves shapes and these were in the form of puzzles!

Books! It wouldn't be her birthday
if this mama didn't give her girl new books!

My fav!

Daddy and his princess!

The newest three year old!

So Sassy!

So bubbly with excitement!

So a dancing girl!

My girl laughing: priceless!

Loves the gorilla! He must've known
it was her birthday! He's never at the
window when we want him to be!

Can do the flamingo like no other!

Can milk a cow like a champ!

The Leviners

Love her!

Hope your wish comes true sweet girl!

Happy Birthday big girl baby!

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