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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

 This week began week three of dance for Miss C! I took dance as a child for years and enjoyed it. I loved each year getting new dance shoes and dance clothes, wearing costumes, and participating in parades and recitials (getting to wear big girl makeup for the recitals was also a plus). C has talked about being a "dancer girl" for what seems like forever and I couldn't wait to enroll her in a dance studio. After finding the right studio for our family I was ready for the frills and twirls to begin! I love watching Caroline each week in her adorable pink leotard, tights, and slippers as she tries her best to listen to Miss Kathryn and imitate dance movements like plie and porte de bras. Caroline is really a good listener (ahem...the best in her class) and she tries her heart out at paying attention, doing her job, practicing and learning! She amazes me at how hard she really tries each technique and how well she listens (when all the cute pies are running around C is still standing in her circle in first position while Miss K rounds up the friends).
Initially we wanted C to take a tap/ballet combo class but the studio didn't offer it because Kathryn felt like it was cheating the girls that didn't like the one but the other and vice versa and they would have to go through 30 minutes of the one they didn't enjoy so that made sense. We might add tap next year but we were not disappointed after her explanation of why she no longer offers the tap/ballet combo. C is happy with ballet and "we are all good" with that! Who knows she may not want to take dance next year or she may! She's talked about being a gymnastics girl too ever since going to a gymnastics birthday party over a year ago (this girl doesn't forget anything...like her momma)!
So you can imagine the excitement around my house today when a special package comes in the mail addressed to C from Big C! I secretly knew what it was but couldn't wait for her to open her gift! When she opened it she pulled out a very special pair of shoes. They were black and shiny with ribbons as ties. They had special "tap" soles! Big C got her a pair of tap shoes...AHHH (happy dance)! C didn't know what they were for (to my surprise) and I didn't tell her right away; instead I put them on her and told her that she would figure out her special shoes once we walked into the kitchen. Too bad for me that my video camera was dead but I had my camera ready! I went into the kitchen first to get a great first picture of her in those fancy shoes for Big C and I got.....
this! She loved them! Look at that
extended arm! It was like she knew exactly
what to do (who needs a class when you can
wear the special shoes at play and tap on
the kitchen floor, ha)!
She loved them so much that she...

tapped and tapped and tapped!
I think she put some ballet moves
in there too (using the counter
as a barre)!

Thank you Big C for my special shoes!
I love them!

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Anonymous said...

Yay! So glad she likes them (: I hope she gets so many "taps" out of them!