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Friday, June 20, 2008

June 24, 2008
Its my second anniversary and my sister's 16th! Darren, Rhonda, Sam, and I celebrated our anniversaries in our favorite SC city- Charleston. We headed down to Charleston on Friday, June 20th! I couldn't wait to go to the Market and eat at Tommy Condons! We couldn't get out of Orangeburg fast enough but Darren said he just had to stop at the Honda Motorcycle shop- he really needs a motorcycle! This was fun and I saw all kinda of things that would be fun to have recreational wise but I don't do that much stuff outside so oh well!
We got to Charleston and checked into our downtown hotel- Lodge Alley Inn. When I walked into our room I just knew that the upcoming weekend was going to be fun and relaxing- most of all- I got to spend the whole weekend with my BIG sister! This was a first in a long time!!
We unloaded the van put our stuff in our rooms and strolled to the market. We shopped and walked around and then shopped some more. We were getting sorta hungry so we went right onto - you got it- Tommy Condons for some shrimp and grits. We weren't there very long before it started to pour down rain and thunder and lightning. We ended up staying there a very long time because it rained and rained and rained. It did stop; however the streets of the Market were flooded! My brother in law decided it'd be cool to walk in the water with it being up to his knees but shortly after he was in the middle of the road in knee deep water did someone yell "you're standing in sewage". EW, Gross! He didn't care very much- he was already wet and enjoyed having his picture taken by his bride of 16 years so he their two wonderful children could see the fun their daddy was having!! This was pretty adventuresome for one day! We headed to the hotel and took showers then headed back downtown for some shopping and icecream. We found a neat little place for icecream and we won't forget how the lady in the store yelled to passersby "Get your Pralines", "PRALINES", "Get Your Hot Pralines". Of course we went in and tried these awesome HOT PRALINES!
Day 2: Darren and Sam decided that we could conquer bicycling over the the Arthur Ravenel Bridge. We rented bicycles for this excurison and first headed to the battery and then back to the Market to eat at my favorite Deli the Market Street Deli. After filling our tummies we bicycled to the bridge. By this time- Rhonda and I were very hot. Once we got to the bridge she decided that she'd walk her bike for a while. Well I thought that I would do the same. Sam and Darren headed off thinking that crossing this 2.5 mile bridge would be a breeze. They were trying to show off in front of us girls! Well, Rhonda and I did make it- but only to the middle of the bridge. Sam and Darren however made it all the way across- Wohoo for them! As they were coming back across the bridge they found us waiting for them in the middle- oh well, I'll try to make it all the way across next time, next year of course. It was such an experience! We took pictures that somehow looked like Rhonda and I made it all the way across! Afterwards, we went back to the Market and shopped- then it started to pour down rain again- and yes it flooded once more. This was not such a thrill this time and we had to stay in the Market shops for hours- the streets were flooded and we couldn't go anywhere. We did however enjoy the sweet treats at one of the shops! When it finally stopped raining we went back to the Lodge to take showers and then out once again on the town. We ate dinner at Aw, Shucks and then headed to a scrapbook store in Mt. Pleasant- we also found a Dollar Tree- my new favorite store and then of course went to Walmart- funny how you always have to go to Walmart on vacation- even if everyone you go to isn't like the one back home. We eventually traveled back to Charleston and walked around some more! We found the "Parline" store and went in to try all the tasty treats. We stolled on down to the the swings and sat and laughed!
This is Rhonda's point of view about our anniversary trip "Just checking to make sure that you got your pockiebook and earbobs? Don't forget Sam's appt with the physikian on Tues? And when you tell people about our trip tell them "See what had happened was Sam and Darren rode their bikes ahead of us and went 11 miles on the Ravenel bridge and me and you only went 9 miles"!!! --This needs no explanation but it was too funny! After all of this we walked back to the Lodge and called it a night - some of us were still probably pondering the thought of earbobs and pockibooks! On Sunday, we headed back to our homes with tons of fun memories! I can't wait until next year!

Darren and Rhonda!

Melissa and Sam!

Darren in the Market Street Flood- EW Gross!
The Battery!
Darren and Rhonda at The Battery!

Sam- You're so silly!
We made it (well some us)- Arthur Ravenel Bridge!

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