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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Caroline's Take Home Dress!
I've been told that Caroline needed to be frilled up when she left the hospital for home! Sam and I did a little shopping today for her and this is what we found. Its not a Feltman Brothers dress (which is what Melinda and I wore) but we thought this one was a lot cuter and cheaper!! We had fun picking out this little white smocked dress (with bonnet) and thought that we'd use it for her dedication too! I know it looks a little big for a newborn but the saleslady told me that they don't run any smaller than 3 months and my oldest sister assured me on the phone that this size would be just fine- I'm needing a lot of reassurance these days (but if its too big then we'll choose another "Fru fru" dress).
While we were shopping Sam found this very cute watermelon jumper that he just had to have for Caroline even though it was more pricey than I thought we should pay. He told me that he wanted to pick her out something on his own and that his little summer jumper would be cute on her- how could I say no (even on sale it costs more than the take home dress)!
We had a lot of fun shopping for our baby girl!

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Kathy Hardison said...

I love Caroline's coming home outfit and Sam did a good job on the watermelon outfit. Daddy's go crazy over things for their little girls! Can't wait to see the nursey complete and I know you are getting so excited. We love you and Sam!