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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Here we are: Week 30!
Today I had my 30 week appointment! I was weighed (we'll get to that in a sec.), had my blood pressure checked- it was normal, and had my belly measured- which measured exactly 30 weeks- we're right on schedule! I love going to my appointments- some people hate going to doctor's offices but I actually don't mind (yep, even going to the dentist doesn't bother me). Sharon- the nurse tech, as usual today checked my BP, weight, etc. Sharon is so nice- she's the kind of person that you could sit and talk with all day- somehow during my appointments she gave me the nickname of trouble- I don't know why- hope I haven't asked her too many prenatal care questions- but it seems like everytime my visits roll around I have a ton to ask- I like to be very informative! So, Sharon did her usual- then she weighed me- now up until my last visit I wasn't too, too, too concerned with my weight- the doctor's don't have any issues with my gaining 8 pounds in 5 weeks and then another 8.5 pounds in 4 weeks so why should I be? This time when Sharon weighed me she didn't tell me right away the weight gain number (I think she was hoping that I'd forget), so I had to ask her- she joked and said, "I'm not telling you." So I told her the whole story about how I've cut back- didn't think I was eating too much to begin with but it was a start. So she eventually told me my weight gain number and I nearly fell over from joking laughter- you know the kind where you laugh at yourself- putting hand over chest while at the same time not wanting to actually believe what you're hearing? Well this was me when she told me that I'd gain 6 POUNDS- mind you in 2 weeks! So we're at a total of 29.5 pounds. Oh my goodness- but I know it's for Caroline! A friend called me tonight and wanted to check on my appointment and she told me that she talked with a girl from church whose is 33 weeks pregnant and has only gained 6 pounds. I'm thinking wow- she must not have ever had those cravings- and yes they do exist- in the beginning it was pickes and cheese then on to garlic bread- ask Sam about the late evenings run to The Pig for some good ole' garlic bread! So after Sharon broke this news to me and I recovered it was time to see Dr. Holladay! He wasn't at all in dismay about my weight gain. In fact he said everything was great- weight, blood pressure, etc. After hearing Caroline's heartbeat my mind simmered down some about the weight issue and I'm only back on the issue so as to write it here. There's always tomorrow to start walking more (this is what I'm telling myself so as not to feel so guilty)- I guess walking the track at recess duty, in the building after school, and in the neighborhood isn't enough! I've come to the conclusion that you're body is going to do what it's going to do whether you like it or not- even stretch marks fit into this category (I'm knocking on wood because as of now I' don't have any on my belly- just other places)!
Here's some 30 weeks pictures of me. Yes, I'm in my pajamas! One of the things that Dr. Holladay told me to do was to prop my feet up as soon as I got home from work. Yes, I'm starting to swell but its minimal and he said its very normal to swell during pregnancy- "it just comes with it"! So when I told Sam this today he immediately told me to go sit down and prop my feet up and even told me after using a pillow that they were not up high enough- I told him that I didn't need anymore back hurting issues and that using another pillow would only make me ache more!! He's so funny! So that's why in the pictures I'm in my pajamas! I was relaxing for the evening very early- I even went to the mailbox in my pj's! So he's starting to take over the cooking! His house chores lately have become extensive- from cleaning the whole house each week, tending to the yard- which if you know Sam- this is his favorite hobby anyways, and to now the cooking! He's a great chef by the way! Ask him to make his chilli for you sometime!
Caroline- she's so active! I don't understand how someone so tiny could really kick and move as hard as she does in such a little amount of space. Her routines are the same and have been since week 24. She's very quiet and still in the afternoons- she's most active in the middle of the night- I've become her punching bag in the wee hours of the morning- she's getting all those Caroline stretches then-, mid-morning, and early evening. Except for right now she's all bulged over on one side and my belly looks whoppsided- its really neat to look at and especially feel!
The nursery is being painted- and coming along nicely! We're going to be ordering her furniture within the month! I'm becoming very excited!!
I return for another visit on January 28th for my 32 week checkup. I'll keep you posted!


Anonymous said...

OMG girl look at that belly! I LOVE IT!!! We have to make plans so that I can see you! I want to help with the nursery of you need me! Remember that I don't live that far from you... I get so excited when you post something I can't believe we will have a sweet, beautiful baby girl here before we know it! Can't wait to look in awe at her! Hope you are excited about the babu shower in February - I know I am! Love you so much! Raven

Anonymous said...

Melissa - you have a belly - it is so cute.
I can't wait until I start showing - I still dont really feel preggers. Not much longer before Caroline is here. You look great, so what if you have gained a little - you dont look different to me other than your belly.
See you soon.