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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yoo-Hoo Feet...Where Are You?
Yeah, week 32! I had my 32 week appointment today! Everything is still looking great! All of my vitals were wonderful- normal blood pressure, 146 was Caroline's heart rate, measuring 32, and finally minimal weight gain- yes only 2 pounds! Ever since my last appointment I tried doing some things differently- I changed my breakfast cereal- from Cinnamon Toast Crunch to Frosted Mini Wheats, I've been drinking less milk and more- yes even more water (with a little, I mean a lot of Crystal Light flavoring), eating less yogurt and snacking on more fruit. I feel like I am going to turn into a Pink Lady apple (they are the best in case you've never eaten one). I was in and out of the doctor's office in 20 minutes.
I came home from the doctor's office to find Sam drawing polka dots on one of Caroline's walls. I was really excited to see how these polka dots would turn out. After dinner Sam began to paint them and I love it!! He's still not finished but he's worked hard on them all afternoon. He's really excited about being able to draw and paint them- when he's finished I'll send more pics! We ordered our baby furniture last Friday and Sam just got the call saying that it was in! So tomorrow we'll be making a trip to Babies-R-Us to pick it up! Oh, I am so excited!
Here's a couple of pictures! My belly is well- BIG! We just had our maternity portraits taken and from them I think my belly looks like the shape of an egg- it makes me laugh to look at it! We had fun taking those portraits and I can't wait to get the prints we're ordering!
I think in the beginning of my pregnancy I've shared some typical "pregnancy symptoms". Well today I got a new one! This morning I woke up and could barely walk- it was more like a wobble from a stretching pain/sensation "down there". As the day progressed I found myself beginning to think that I was waddling- yes, yet another stymptom that I said that I would never get- Waddling! I wasn't bothered by this symptom- somehow pregnancy has calmed me down a bit- because another friend said that she had this same symptom! I did however mention this "pulling/stretching" ache to my doctor and he said that this was very normal and that it would only get more dramatic. I'm thinking that I'm going to be in a wheelchair because it REALLY hurts to walk- however I'm not complaining! Also, look at the last picture- what do you think it is? This is the my view of my feet Yoo-Hoo Feet...Where Are You! I use to be able to see my whole foot now its only a mere peek of the toes- another thing that makes me laugh! My belly doesn't just affect my view of my feet- I need help getting up off the floor, I can't easily bend over, I'm unable to shave my legs, put on socks, tie my shoes, and squeezing through spaces is almost impossible! I love being pregnant! It's fun to see and feel all of these exciting and new changes!
Caroline is a busy bee! The doctor asked me today about her fetal movements- was she moving a lot, etc. Since my last appointment she's gotten a lot busier. He told me that she would be moving less often now because of the amount of space she's inhibiting! Her kicks are really hard and I'm feeling them on both sides- I'm thinking at times that I'm being kicked near my back almost (I've read in the famous pregnancy book "What to Expect When You're Expecting" that I would feel harder kicks because there is more fluid than baby)! Also, my ribs- my poor ribs- at times I think they are going to break. Under my right rib is her favorite hang out spot! If you look closely you can tell that she's hiding there- most of the time!
Also, here's a picture of me and Mr. Kitty! He's noticing that his mama has changed- he seems very attached to me- he NEVER wants to sit on my lap and tonight he just decides that he has a big pillow to lay on! He's so sweet! When Sam works in Caroline's room he just walks around her room and meows!

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Heather and Travis said...

The nursery is looking great! I love the polka dots!

Can you believe Sweet Caroline will be here in eight weeks? Oh my goodness! And in eight weeks Morgan Kate and I are allowed to come out and play. Oh, the fun we will have!

Love the belly!