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Thursday, March 19, 2009

39 Weeks Pregnant!

Yesterday I reached week 39! Today I had my 39th week doctor's appointment! It went very well. My BP and urine were both normal! I did however gain 6 more pounds- to which I could not believe. Sheron, the lab tech said it was because of all the fluid that I was retaining- yes, I'm beginning to really swell in my ankles. This is from standing all day while teaching. It goes away when I wake up in the mornings but not totally. I mentioned this to Dr. Giudice today and he told me that this was normal and that I shouldn't be worried. I just have the swelling in my ankles but not my hands or face- I'm still glad to be able to wear my rings!
I've made some progress toward delievery but not much- I'm effaced 75% now and am still 1 cm dilated. Dr. Giudice said that they wanted me to have natural labor so things will go more smoothly but if I reach a week past my due date then they'll do some things to help me speed things along (induce), but that would not likely happen since most babies come a few days after their due date. All in all I'm doing very well (41 pounds total weight gain- and I'm proud to say that I'm in the same size maternity clothes since it all begin!!)

Sam and I have had a very busy week with getting all of Missy Moo's things ready- washing clothes, packing her bag for the hospital (and mine), shopping for those last few needed baby items, etc. Last night we went clothes shopping for her and we picked out the most adorable outfits- they are so cutie! I can't wait to see her in them! We are in still need of a cradle mattress but hopefully Babies R Us will have a shipment in tomorrow!

Today we had her car seat base professionally installed by a certified car seat technician! This was pretty neat to see and it only took five minutes! The only thing to it was attaching our car's latch system to the base and making sure that there was no more than an inch wiggle room- no seat belt required! Our base has leveling guides to ensure that it is properly installed- all these new gizmo's and gadgets sure do come in handy and make life so much easier! When we got back from having it installed- Sam assembled the stroller- it's cute too and I can't wait to use it!

Tomorrow is my last day at work... I'm going to miss all of Leviner's Lambs but they will be in good hands with Ms. Smith- my long term substitute. I've been notified that the children are planning something special for me and Caroline tomorrow afternoon and I'm excited! They have been just the sweetest bunch of children and I'm going to miss them dearly. I promised them that when Caroline was a few weeks old we'd be paying them a visit!

Oh, also, I'm realizing that pregnancy has caused me to somehow lose my ability to spell- I'm generally a very good speller and don't mind bragging about this (I seldom brag on myself about things)! So if I happen to misspell words forgive me- it'll all resolve soon enough!

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Anonymous said...

you are too cute! and I am so glad I got to see you before little Caroline came out! i can't wait to see her!