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Thursday, July 09, 2009


Music, story time, poems, lullabies, and ringing bells! This is what Caroline's morning was about during our first visit to Lapsit at the Lexington County Library! Lynn and Matalyn also joined us! Although Matalyn is only seven weeks old she listened to the fun while her mommy held her! Courtney and I were so excited to see how much fun Caroline was having during Lapsit! I posted all the pictures below to show you how attentive Caroline was during the goings on of the visit! She jumped up and down on my lap when the music was being played and listened closely to all the stories! She would laugh out loud when all the other babies would laugh- even though some babies were bigger than her she was letting us all know how much fun she was having. Her enthusiasm for listening to the books read and hearing the music makes me a proud mama and teacher! I think we had as much fun as she did and we can't wait to go back next Thursday! Other daddies brought their babies in for Lapsit and afterwards I called Sam and teased him about taking Thursdays off in the fall so that he could be the one to take Caroline!

Just have to add this- the volunteer that helped Patty, the director, in Lapsit today was Rachel. I had the wonderful opportunity of student teaching Rachel in Kindergarten in 2003 and then being blessed with having her in first grade as a first year teacher during the 03-04 school year! Rachel will be going into the 7th grade in the fall! This makes me feel very old!

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Cortney said...

Sooo fun!! We will be there Thursday!! :)