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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

What's this very precious little girl up to...

I've been meaning to post these things about Caroline ever since her 12 month well baby visit but as of right now here's the latest...by the numbers!

365+ is the number of days where my life has been sweetly changed by our Sweet Caroline!

41 Is the number of hairbows that little girl has. We've misplaced a couple that I know about, but it looks like we aren't lacking in the accessory department for hairbows! I love having Caroline wear hairbows!

29.75 is her height! She's in the 75th percentile for her height! Tall girl?

19.2 Is what little girl weighs! She's in the 25th percentile for her weight! She doesn't have the weight yet to be in a big girl carseat but we're going to buy one on Thursday!

17.25 is her head circumference. (Didn't get the percentile for this).

12+ I have had the opportunity of breastfeeding her for this long! We are down to two feedings a day. I think this was one of the best things that I could possibly do for her and I have enjoyed it! I'm going to miss our time together when she's finished :(. 

12 this is how many hours of sleep she will sleep on the weekends! During the week I wake her up at 5:30 am but as soon as she's in the car going to Ms. Leah's she's sound asleep again.

9 is the number of pairs of shoes she has and one pair of these is bedroom slippers! I do not think that this is a lot of shoes for a baby and we've run into some issues in the shoe department. Everytime we go to Stride Rite they don't have her shoe size in the shoes that we want/need her to have. Tennis shoes are a must have but try finding them in a size 3 and that are cute, New Balance makes a cute gray shoe but can't find it in her size! We are trying to find her a walking shoe without it being the traditional walker but it looks like we're going to have to go that route! Any suggestions in this area would be much appreciated!!

8 is the number of words she can currently say: Da Da, Daddy, Ma Ma, Thank You (in some form when we give her, her sippy cup), Hi, E-I-E-I-O, Yay, and Uh-oh!

7 is the number of times she's been sick in her first year. 5 ear infections, 1 virus..she only ran a fever, but it lasted 3 days, and 1 sinus infecion.

4 teeth! She also has two new ones coming in so technically she has 6 but you can CLEARLY see 4 little chicklets!

3 is the number of steps she's taken as this post is being written and it is also her shoe size!

2 is the number of naps she still takes a day...but mostly for Ms. Leah.

1 would be the number of naps she takes for me on the weekends or even during the week if I'm not at work!

0 is the number of days that we've been without her! Her aunt Rhonda can't wait until she spends the night at her house for the first time without her mommy and daddy!

Little girls loves to:
Give her mommy and daddy tons of hugs! I absolutely love when I pick Caroline up and how she just squeezes my neck with both arms so super tight! This is the best!

Play peek-a-boo! She now uses her hands to hide her face but she still loves playing the game with blankets, towels, sheets, etc! She is so funny when she plays peek-a-boo! She knows she is quite the entertainer when it comes to playing this fun game!

Walk behind her walk behind toys: her lawn mower, her vacuum cleaner, and her sing along walk behind toy! When she runs into something she still tries to make it "go"! She grunts to try to move it and I love how she figures it all out to try and "go" again!

Be determined! She never gives up easily! She tries and tries to get things just right...sounds just like her mommy, uh-oh!

Eat mac-n-cheese, green beans, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, squash, biscuits, french fries, mini vanilla wafers, saltine crackers, baby yogurt, yogurt melts, puffs, baby goldfish, teddy grahams, applesauce, rice cereal, peaches, any baby food dessert, and pink lady apples. She is not so sure about bananas and ground beef yet, but she does like pork chops when  I shake and bake them!

Drink applejuice and milk!

Play cause and effect games like throwing her paci and sippy cup to see if we're going to pick them up and give them back to her. The effect is she usually gets them back!

Read the pictures of her books and be read to! Her favorite book is this Sesame Street book with big bird on the front (probably because she can put it in her mouth and it feels good to those teeth that are coming in), and the second is this felt book that has a pig on the front.

Crawl up the stairs! She is fast as lightning. In the blink of an eye she can already be at the top of them. Gates are being bought tomorrow.

Be chased.

Stand up! It's so funny to watch her scoot when she's trying to stand up. She does this little bouncey thing with her bottom and then TA-DA she's standing! She also loves to stand up on all fours. She looks like a monkey when she does this!

Laugh, babble, squeal, and talk gibberish. I sure wish I knew the Gibberish language!

Cuddle and hold her stuffed Baby Gund Lamb that we named Lambey! I found her twice today in her exersaucer watching Nick, Jr. with her arms holding Lambey while her head was resting on him! She just gave me this big ole smile when I went to check on her and found her this way!

Splish and Splash in her big bathtub! She especially likes to lie on her belly with her face in the water! This can be very good and very bad, but its great that she doesn't fear water! She also enjoys her bath toy friends!

Be outside! She loves the wind blowing on her, the grass beneath her feet, and the sand and leaves she gets to eat! She loves playing with her friends outside at Ms. Leah's!

Be strolled in her stroller or wagon! She thinks that as long as she's moving in one or the other life is good! When we stop to shop or talk to someone she tries to make it go forward by leaning forward and pushing. She also believes that talking while doing this will get the stroller or wagon going again!

Take her shoes off (like in the picture that I posted with this post) of her feet and her bows out of hair. When they are off and out then she'll sling them somewhere and we end up losing them. This is how we are down to nine pairs of shoes! Losing the hairbows is my fault. I clip them to the sides of her diaper bag and then they come off in the shuffle.

Bebop to music! She loves when her toys play music and she loves when she listens to "her" music on the cd player in the car! This is great that she loves music! I want her to take dance when she's older just like I did and I'm sure her daddy would be thrilled if she had a singing voice just like him!

Clap her hands to anything and everything! When we are singing "If you're happy and you know it", she'll grab my hands and clap them together too! She will also just clap to well just clap!

Sit on your lap! She likes to play games like peek-a-boo, read books, and for us to sing to her!

Be rocked! I always heard that if you choose to rock a baby to sleep then when she's two she won't know how to put herself to sleep. I don't believe that this is absolute. I was rocked as a baby and even as a child (when daddy would read books to my twin sister and me). This may be why C won't take naps for me in the afternoons or on the weekends much, but today I put her in her crib and yes, she cried but it was short lived and she put herself right on down to sleep! So I'm all about rocking my baby to sleep!

Play with her friends at playdates, birthday parties, or at Ms. Leah's. She's so gentle with her friends (well when she's not pulling their hair for their attention). She likes to look at, play with, and talk to babies that are her same size. It's so funny to see the friends laugh and squeal at each other and to watch how they watch each other. She also notices older children too and she loves when they notice her back!

Roll her hot pink ball! When she tries to hit it back at you...it's just the cutest thing ever. She'll hit it with all her might and it might only go an inch or two but she thinks she's doing something big and then she'll just laugh and laugh. Then when it's your turn to hit it back to her she'll just wait and bounce in her little spot for the ball. I love how happy she is!

Play with paper, (she's even tried eating a few pieces of mail, magazines, and sales papers), boxes (diaper, wipe, and cardboard boxes), bags or anything that crinkles for that matter. We have a house full of toys but she'd rather play with JUNK!

Sit and stand in her favorite spots around the house! I blogged about this already! But some of her favorite places to stand are in front of the fridge, beside the highchair (literally beside it and when she's sitting in it), in front of the glass door in our dining rooom so she can look outside (its funny to watch her hold the curtain back as she looks), and up under the dining room and kitchen tables. She likes to sit underneath our coffee table, end table, exersaucer, and dining room chairs. Her new favorite place to sit is under the kitchen table!

Juke when music is playing!

Have her pap pap in her mouth! This helps calm her down when she's excited and it also helps her to go to sleep. It even stops her from eating leaves, grass, and whatever yard trash she can find to put in her mouth!

Have fun!!


Devin said...

I loved reading all that she is doing! Caroline is so so precious! I didn't realize this until we looked, but the big kid carseats start at 5 lbs. You technically don't even have to have the infant carriers - they are just more convenient. We put ours in the big kid carseats last December. They just have to face backwards until they are 20lbs and 1 year old. Anna Claire is only 16.5lbs and LOVES it. When I try to put them in the infant seats now, they really don't like it much.
That is soooo exciting about her taking steps. They are growing up so fast! WE can't wait to play this summer.
Oh, one more thing...let her spend the night away. Your sister and nieces would love it and I promise you and Sam will enjoy your time...it is much needed. I was so sad/nervous about it the first time, but between my parents and Devin's, they have probably spent the night away 6or 7 times.
I'll stop babbling now. :) (also, I love C's face in the last post playing peek-a-boo!)

Daniel and Carrie Moore said...

Love this post! Good job at remembering all of that. I need to start writing things down as I think of them I guess so I'll remember to blog about them. She is such a cutie and good for you nursing this long! You deserve a long applause :) After buying formula the last 3 months I will say it is motivation to nurse longer with baby #2! Glad to see things are going well.

Pwincess Mama said...

WOW! What a great post! You'll be so glad you have all that written down one day! They grow up so fast as you well know! She is so precious...I miss seeing her and listening to her baby talk. Give her big hugs from me!