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Monday, July 19, 2010

On last Friday, C experienced the beach for the very first time! I didn't take her last summer because I thought she was too little and I worried about her getting hot or sunburned (you can't put sunscreen on a baby that is less than 6 mos old), so we stayed home. I captured tons of photos of her this year and I'm going to post way to many but I wanted you to see how much fun our sweet Caroline had at Edisto Beach!
Caroline loved the sand the most! She dug in it, crawled in it, walked in it, and threw it. She was amazed by the ocean but as it rolled to shore and the foam touched her toes she would run the other way or want Sam or me to pick her up. She laughed, played, giggled, ran, screamed, dug, talked and had a blast! She enjoyed playing with her cousins, Anna, Silas, and Franklin too! I'm going to treasure the fun she had and anticipate taking her next year but enjoy C at the beach because I've several more posts!

C meeting the ocean!

Feeling the ocean for the first time!

Happy girl!

I love it! Toes in the sand, wind in my hair,
and the sun on my face!

She loved being in this hole that her
daddy dug!

Hey Miss Caroline!

Caroline and daddy!

Mommy with her favorite girl!

After a nap we headed back
out on the beach for more fun!

This is one of my favorite pictures of her!

Ocean, here I come!

She didn't mind the sand even
when it got on her face!

Just playing!

My mommy loves my red hair!

Where to now?

YAY, baby!

Silly, I love you!

You must be pointing in this picture!

Are you having fun yet?

Mommy, which way is the beach?

I'm ready to go! I got
my satchel!

Splishin and a splashin!

This bucket was too much fun!

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jan kessler said...

So much fun!!! Pretty Girl.