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Monday, July 05, 2010

Sweet Caroline is 15 months old!

This little one had her 15 month appointment on the day that she turned 15 months old (Tuesday, June 29th). Soon after she was undressed and weighed she was ready to play. I couldn't resist letting her bounce around and play in her diaper with her sippy cup (even though I despise the toys that are available for children to play with as they wait to be seen)! She was laughing and squeeling the whole time while we waited for Dr. T!

Her 15 month stats are:
Weight 20 lbs 6 ozs (15th percentile)
Height 30.5 (50th percentile)
Head Circumference 17.25 (5th-10th percentile)

C is growing growing growing! She's saying all kinds of new words. Here's what she's saying now: (Besides mommy, daddy, and Stich (statch):
flower (fowr)
luv u (love you)
happy (HAP PEE)
Ba Ba (for paci)
Peek a Book (pic a bee)
I See You (I c)
Shoes (Shuz)

Here's some of little girls favorites:
Book: The Wheels on the Bus (has been her favorite since birth)
Second Favorite Book: Look! Look!
Food: mac n cheese
Dessert: vanilla milkshake
Song: If You're Happy and You Know It
Sound Effect: Vroom Vroom (in her words its voo voo)
Onomatopoeia Word: Beep Beep (from...you guessed it The Wheels on the Bus)
Toy: See N Say
Drink: Apple Juice (She says juis juis)
Pet: Stitch (of course...he lets her pull his hair!)
Place: Outside! Outside! Outside! (just like her daddy)

Caroline defintely keeps us laughing...she's got quite the character!
We Love:
How she gibber gabbers while she's playing with her toys.
How she walks with her hands clasped behind her back.
How she plays with the kitchen ware from her cabinet.
How she says luv u in the mornings when we get her from her crib.
How she says mmm when we give her something new for the first time or one of her favorite foods.
How she covers her face when playing peek a boo.
How she loves running outside on a beautiful sunny day (can't wait to show you our 4th of July pics)!
How she hugs and squeezes our necks (these are the absolute best)!!
How she "sings" the words to Wheels on the Bus as we are singing/reading them to her!
How you love playing with "junk" i.e. paper towel rolls. You love screaming through a paper towel roll. Silly!
How happy she makes us!

Happy 15 months Caroline! Luv u!

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