"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Saturday, September 04, 2010

As I look back over this fun summer, I'm reminded of how important family is. I'm still thinking about our all girls' family trip to Ohio! Here's the rest of the pics!

Little girl learning to say "rock" at the
Red Cottage Hideaway!

Having fun!

You sweet baby!

I just love...

You and your crinkle nose smile!

Walking and giggling! This is what you love to do!

Whee! This is by far one of my most favorite
summer pictures! You with your cousin, Courtney,
and your Aunt Rhonda! They just LOVE YOU!

You love being outside...

just like your daddy!


and looking at all the wonderful things...

that God has made for you to see!

Love you sweet baby Caroline!

One of the Amish farms! I am amazed
at the Amish! They are talented hardworking people.

An Amish school! It's still one room! The
children only go to school through the 8th grade.

Young Amish girl!

We saw many Amish horse and buggies and
everytime we still turned and looked! We were amazed
by their means of travel!
Cutting grass this way would be hard to do and some
Amish communities can use gas lawn mowers. It
all depends on what their "person in charge" says.

Another Amish farm! Just beautiful!

Could not resist taking this picture. The Amish
do not like to have their pictures taken but I was very
far away when I took this so you can't see their faces.
They don't believe in graven images, but aren't these
boys just precious!

Sweet, Sweet, Sweet!

We went to a park so C could play for a bit!
We had fun!! It even had a see-saw!

This baby did such a good job of riding in the car
for so many hours straight! I know I'm lucky with
this easy little one! She did GREAT in the car!

Horse and buggies at the local grocery store.
The food items in this store were super cheap!
I thought the prices in SC were pretty good compared
to some places. This store almost gave their items away!

These boys were waiting by the side of the road
so their mother could use the community telephone.

We went to an Amish house for dinner! It was divine!
C wanted to misbehave so we had to keep her
entertained. I was holding my breath the whole time...
look at my eyes! We got many compliments but...

The family we ate with had a fridge
along with other niceties not found
in many Amish homes! The fridge was
not electric!!

Amish families taking a stroll!

All family members work hard all day!

Another school house!

An Amish gentleman!

We have family in Ohio so we met them one
afternoon for lunch! What a treat!


Daniel and Carrie Moore said...

Ok... so I checked out the little Red Cottage Hideaway link on your last post about it. It's beautiful and I want to go there! Haha. I've always wanted to go Amish country and it looks like such a cute little place. Send me an email and tell me more about it!! :) What fun to take a ladies trip. Loved the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fantastic summer for you! April