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Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy 20 month birthday Miss Caroline!

You are such a sweet sweet baby girl...

 whose laugh is contagious...

who is happy everyday...

and who loves to talk on her telephone "Hello! Hello!"

Dear Sweet Caroline,
You are the sunshine of our lives! You are perfect! There are so many fun things and sweet things that we love about you! Everyday you are growing and changing. It's all happening way to fast and I can hardly keep up with all of your new words (your vocabulary increases daily) and expressions! You are sweet but you are also strong willed (psst, I think you get that from your mommy, but don't say that I ever admitted that)! Just like last Saturday morning, we heard you happily talking in your crib. You kept saying ew wee, ew wee! The next thing we know is that you are very quiet (this usually means trouble) and you come running into our room saying "ew wee mommy!" while pointing towards your room. You apparently found a way to climb out of your crib (you didn't even make a peep) and you tried to blame the crib for your fun deed! You scared us but we were thankful you were safe. We now know you are sneaky!
Your personality is so bubbly! You constantly make us laugh with your Carolineisms! Putting on mommy's shoes and walking around the house juking is my favorite! Daddy's favorite would be when you make all of your animal noises including the Gamecock rooster (by the way, daddy is a Clemson fan but you can crow anytime you want)!  You love everyone that you meet and you love your family, especially daddy! You have become a daddy's little girl! You just light up when he comes into the room and I love your special bond! You and I have a very special bond too, but there's something about yours and daddy's that I absolutely adore!
To honor your 20 month birthday, here's 20 things that I love about you!
I love...
1. how you count the school buses every morning on the way to Ms. Seah's,
    you say, "ew, one bus mommy" in your most proud counting voice.
2. when you say, "hold you" when I'm cooking so you can see what's for
    dinner or when you're really tired.
3. when you say "ew, wee mommy!"
4. how you open up your mouth in the shape of a big O when you get
    excited or when you hear a fun noise like your music, an airplane, or a
    train whistle.
5. when we ask you what each animal says and how you say them,  
    especially "no, no" when we ask you what mommy says! 
6. when you tell us "love you"!
7. when you say Happy Da Doo for Happy Birthday! This is my most favorite
    phrase from you! I hope you never stop saying it!
8. how you are always trying to be a big helper! You can find the smallest
   piece of trash on the floor and you'll pick it up and walk it right to the
   trash can and throw it away! You get that from your daddy!
9. when you say, "okay" to us after we've asked you to do something!
    "Caroline can you help pick up your toys?" "OKAY!" or how you ask,
     "How are ya?!" This is hilarious from a 20 month old!
10. how you twist when you run! You are so cute when you do this!
11. how you can crow like the Gamecock rooster!
12. your hugs! They are the best!
13. to watch you play outside! You always have a blast!
14. how you love to read books! You always try reading the pictures and
     your favorite book right now is your baby "Bible". You recently sat and
     listened as I read 74 pages from your little Bible!
15. how you make pretty hands right before we say the blessing!
16. how entertaining you are!
17. how sweet you are in the mornings and right before bedtime!
18. your smile!
19. your laugh!
20.  how smart you are!
You are quite a delight and I love you!
Love, Mommy


Artsy Teacher said...


Jenny Garris said...

I love your list! Joel also says, "How are ya" and "hold you" when he means "hold me" AND when you ask him what mommy says, he says, "no, no, no"! Too funny! Maybe he will teach C how to say "okie dokie" - that was his new one today! ha ha!
Too cute!! Don't you just love it?!?